Fun with Moroccan Escalators and Food for Thought

Fun with Moroccan Escalators and Food for Thought

I hope no one is too offended by it. It’s the kind of thing you don’t get to see every day.

Morocco Escalator fun. When we met, I was surprised to find my wife had never been on an escalator…turns out she isn’t the only one, we sat next to one for about 45 minutes  and watched people trip, encourage their mothers and children and circle and ride it again and again and again.

The reason I post this is because I think it serves as a good reminder that things that we take for granted in this world aren’t always understood or seen in the same way. Sure, I’m talking about an escalator – but I could just as easily be talking about the stock market, mortgages, 501 k plans, life insurance, health insurance, family planning, or the monument at ground zero in New York City and how it’s going to cost billions of dollars to operate and why that is worth paying.

The same can be said on the other side too.  Obligations of faith, cooking techniques, family ties or even the use of donkeys – these are things that may seem clear to you but which in a different cultural context certainly are about as well understood as well…as an old Moroccan woman from a tiny village in the Sahara understands an escalator.