From Halifax to Quebec City on Via Canada Rail

I bought a sushi roll and two veggie samosas for the train trip I was about to take and then went to the store where I bought some Halifax apples cheaper than I could have in the farmers market.
halifax farmers market

Note the very strange happy woman under the free bibles sign

The train trip cost $130 Canadian and was beautiful since the leaves are all turning brilliant shades of red and gold. I tried to take pictures but since the train was in motion, you can see they mostly were only blurred images of color.

At this point, I have to hand it to Amtrak. Via Rail Canada is not as comfortable as Amtrak in the U.S. West. The lack of a sightseeing car, the large hump between seats which makes stretching out on them nearly impossible, and the lack of hand rails to stabilize as one walks through the cars was missed by me.

On the train, I met no one of any interest. A few old women from Moncton were very chatty in French and we talked a bit but overall, it was a chance for me to read Tim Ferris’ excellent book “The Four Hour Workweek.
from the canada train
I slept poorly and arrived in Quebec City at 6 am the next day. Even though the rain followed me, I can still say, I love this city.
train from Halifax to Quebec

(Originally published 29 SEP 2009)


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