Free airfare? A couple more options…

There are almost always some kind of big promotions going on with airfares online. The key is to make sure that you check often.

Here are a few of the deals I was able to dig up today.

Expedia is offering customers a $200 coupon when customers book their holiday travel by December 20th and travel by January 3rd, they will receive a $200 Coupon to use on travel between March 31st and April 30th, 2011. If you need to travel in December, you might as well get a free $200 voucher.

Expedia Holiday Bonus: Book a flight now, get $200 off your next vacation! – Expires 12/20/10

American Airlines is offering a flight plus 4 nights hotel in Mexico or the Caribbean for $333. That sounds ridiculously low to me, not free, but just about. Sounds like a great way to take a cheap Thanksgiving Trip.

American Airlines Mexico & Caribbean Vacation Deals: Flight + 4 Nights from $333! – Expires 11/30/10

If you want to get away from the USA (and I recommend it before the collapse is complete) you can get a British Airways roundtrip ticket to London for $412 right now. Get some fish and chips and never go home.

British Airways Sale Ends 10/26: Roundtrip flights to London from $412+ – Expires 10/26/10

And if you don’t have the money to leave right now, why not just borrow it from an online loan program and then leave the debt behind you when you start your new life on the road. Here is an easy loan program to borrow from. Tell them you’ll pay them back, yeah, right!

Every religion points out that charging interest is wrong. Why is it wrong? Because the interest isn’t real in the first place. So, the way I look at it, bad debt on your part is really more of a good deed. Let’s help the system collapse and have fun doing it.

interest is robbery

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