The Fools Journey Resumes – Bulgaria or Bust

Travel insurance would be a good idea about right now, but since I’m not exactly sure where I’m going…that makes it a little difficult to get coverage. If you know where you are going to though, I recommend it.

I realize that for those of you who have been following this rather longwinded and sometimes confounding narrative that appears to be my life, this bit is coming a little out of sequence. I just ask that you bear with my temporary loss of continuity for a moment before the regularly scheduled program resumes.

sufi coffee
This spilled coffee looks just like a dervish

While there are still a lot of amazing things to see and write about in Turkey (which will resume as scheduled after this post) I’m, for the moment, all Turkeyed out. Now, even though my wife is happy as a clam to be back in her native Morocco munching on couscous, sipping on sweet Moroccan mint tea, nurturing our bun in the oven, and haggling in the souqs – I’m sort of Moroccoed out too. And even though I’ve been teaching as a ‘real’ ‘profession’ for a while now, I’m not quite willing to take a job that means I have to give up my travel plans at the end of February when I will go to Malaysia, Korea, and quite likely to Indonesia, and Singapore since I will be in the neighborhood. I’m all teachered out for the moment too. Now, the solution to all of this would be easy if I had plenty of dough floating in a couple of bank accounts or even swimming around in my bag, but I don’t.

scarface bathroom
this has to be the coolest men\’s room in Izmir

Fortunately, the solution is still easy because you can literally say that I wrote at least one of the books on Vagobonding, which, even though many of those who claim to be vagabonding are doing it on huge budgets and windfalls, still seems to me that it should be doing what you want to do without really having the means to do it.

So, to summarize. I’ve got a pregnant wife, we’ve got no house, neither of us have jobs, I’ve got a big trip coming up without much in the way of resources to finance it in just about a month, and I don’t particularly want to be in Morocco where my wife is happy to be visiting her family or in Turkey where I find myself – so what’s the solution?

Turkish heating up
Nothing like a good bonfire – in the street.

Easy. Yesterday I vacated my cold, uncomfortable room in Izmir’s Alsancak and took a train to Bandirma and then a ferry to Istanbul. In return for a little web consulting I’m finally sleeping in a comfortable bed and taking actual hot showers and enjoying the best hotel breakfast in Istanbul’s Sultanahmet. Today I bought a train ticket …
to where?

Where else? To Bulgaria, the former Soviet Block country. When in doubt, head to Eastern Europe. I don’t speak Bulgarian, I don’t have a guidebook, I know absolutely nothing about Bulgaria, and I have no idea what I’m going to do when I get there, but I bet it’s freaking cold.

destination unknownFrom there, I have no idea what I’ll do, but I suspect I’ll be wandering around until the end of February and it occurs to me that it might be fun to visit Romania, Slovakia, Bosnia, Slovenia, and a bunch of other places. Not to mention there are big problems in Greece right now and that sounds fun as hell, and then of course when I will come back to Istanbul, fly to Malaysia and do something else. Then to Korea, then back to Malaysia and who knows what along the way…

And that should be about the limit of time that I’m allowed to put off going to Morocco…unless I can find a job which lets me bring Hanane to me. What’s that idiom? If Mohammad won’t go to the mountain, bring the mountain to Mohammad.

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p.s. I’d like to own that shoe company someday, if anyone wants to buy it for me.


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5 thoughts on “The Fools Journey Resumes – Bulgaria or Bust

  1. Hmm.. you have pretty nice holiday schedule. I’ve been in Malaysia. You will be amazed about what you will see there.

  2. I think you should choose Romania. I’ve been there. The Carpatian Mountains are the best mountains. Or, if you want, you can see the Black Sea. But, I think there is not a very good moment to visit it right now.

  3. Hey Vago-
    I’m just checking in to see how things are going. Sounds like some interesting adventures in the Eastern Bloc. Are you sure you don’t work for the CIA? (I know, I know, “You could tell me, but they you’d have to…”)
    Good luck with making it all come together…keep focused on the important things and you’ll be fine.

  4. Hi Vago,
    I am back home in Marin County, California, with the kids back in school and trying to pay for the roof over our heads. I’m keeping the blog going as I’m trying to peddle a book about our experience and publishers are more receptive to authors with a “platform.”

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