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Irish vacation rentalsPerhaps there is no single destination that appeals to American travelers as a trip to Ireland. It’s not that all Americans are Irish, but perhaps a big part of the American consciousness is – enough so that pretty much any American can tell you about the potato famine, common Irish surnames, Dublin, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and even what the weather is like. Try to get that much detail out of a random sampling of Americans for any other location and well… I guess you get my point.

So, it’s not surprising that plenty of Americans make Ireland and the UK their first international destination. One thing that always comes up though is where to stay. While staying in a hotel might be fine for a trip to Waikiki or Paris, when one goes to Ireland, it just seems like you should be staying in the family home or at least a family home. So, when you are thinking about taking that trip to Ireland…probably something more like leasing holiday cottages or vacation rentals in Ireland comes to mind.

charming Irish vacation rentalsIn fact, that is the perfect solution for a holiday that will allow you the freedom to explore and experience the real aspects of Irish life. Whether you choose to stay in a coastal cottage or a grand villa filled with high backed chairs and tapestries to suit a Duke or Baron- the fact is, staying in a hotel in Ireland is just boring by comparison.

While the recent economic crisis has been devastating, the upside is that right now, prices are cheap in Ireland again and you will have no problem finding a perfect vacation rental and plenty to do without breaking your budget. In Ireland, there is always something to do.

Things like the Imagine Arts Festival in Waterford with great music, plenty of art, and more than a wee bit of Irish culture and partying for the lads and lasses. You might even want to enjoy the story telling but don’t expect to hear about Darby o”Gill and the little people. There are many other events such as the much loved Wexford Fringe Festival as well as the impressive Opera Festivals.

authentic Ireland rentalsIreland is a spot to come to terms with your inner self as you leisurely stroll along it’s stunning beaches or possibly pass a few hours on the golf course where you contemplate the mystery of the tiny white ball in the giant expansive green.

The southern and western districts of Kerry in particular are well worth experiencing. The stunning scenery, beautiful walks and dramatic shoreline all speak to the soul, Irish or otherwise. But of course, don’t forget the Northern and Eastern areas of Donegal and Waterford while you are lost in thought.

Your vacation rental in Ireland will almost immediately turn into your perfect escape. An overpriced hotel room can’t provide you with the traditional self catering home’s warmth and authentic nature. From secluded romantic breaks for lovers to grand well decorated properties for family vacations, Ireland offers the perfect getaway – no matter the season.

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