London is more than it used to be

Finding the Perfect Break in London – Now more than ever, London rocks.

Finding the Perfect Break in London – Now more than ever, London rocks.

London and the UK have always been a top destination for travelers, but in recent years there’s been some amazing developments that have made travel to England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales a lot more attractive options than they used to be.

cc Image courtesy of Mermaid99 on Flickr
Chef Sarah Moore on a slow food tour in London

First of all, let’s get this out of the way – the food. We’ve all heard and made the jokes about British food being terrible. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard the old gag about the weather and the food being awful in England.

Unfortunately, no one has been able to do anything about the weather yet, but the food – I’m not sure there has ever been such an amazing national turn-around. Somehow, London has become the foodie capital of Europe with more top chefs, top rated eateries, and remarkable cuisines emerging every day. One of the main reasons visitors go to London these days – IS TO EAT!!!! Absolutely remarkable.

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to visit the UK as well. This Sunday we have our fact sheet for the 2012 London Olympics coming out here at Vagobond. Just in time as the Olympics start on the 27th of July.

And then of course, there is the UK music, the culture, and the history to be found in the UK. Tomorrow in the Vagobond Travel Museum you’ll find some great posts about things to do and see when you visit Ireland.  So, as you can see, now more than ever is a great time to visit the UK.

And here’s the rub (literally) – it’s not just the food, the Olympics, the music, the pubs, and the history that make going to the UK a great option. The UK has also become one of the international hotspots for spa breaks and luxury health retreats.

Spa breaks in the UK are not only a  great reason to come to the UK, but they are also a very enjoyable treat between watching the 2012 Olympic Games, sampling the foodie fare in London, exploring the historic backroads, castles, museums, and palaces, and listening to those favorite Beatles or Smiths albums.

Spa Hotels in LondonSpa breaks offer you the chance to get health and beauty treatments, pamper yourself, enjoy delicious healthy meals, get expert fitness and nutrition advice and come away from your holiday feeling better than when you went on it. Gone are the days of coming home ten pounds heavier and ready for your own shower – the very affordable spa breaks available today (as low as 50 pounds! per night) will make your vacation both mentally and physically rewarding.

And, just in case your trip to the UK has you feeling as if you might be one of the Olympic athletes as you run around from place to place trying to fit in sporting events, foodie tours, visits to the British Museum, and of course the mandatory visit to Big Ben, don’t worry. Massage in London has gone from being located in the seedy parts of the city to being located in the posh parts.  Sure, you can still go to Soho and find a cut rate massage where you have to grip your wallet tightly the whole time, or you can head to one of the premier health and fitness locations that have popped up all over London.

London is more than it used to beThe days when the English were getting as fat as West Virginians are heading into the past, the UK citizens of today are more involved in fashion, keeping fit, and having an amazing lifestyle than ever before.


Looking for a few suggestions for your visit?

1) Visit the London Eye

2) Get a massage and facial in London

3) Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant for dinner

4) Eat a healthy buffet breakfast at a spa resort

5) Visit Abbey Road

6) Check out the Olympic Village

7) Take a cooking course with Jamie Oliver or another master chef

8) Explore the Tower of London

9) Go to a Yoga Retreat in London

10) Enjoy London’s Awesome Nightlife

One thing for sure, London has more to offer than ever before. If you are looking for hotels in London, you can find literally thousands to choose from. From hostels overlooking St. Paul’s Cathedral to luxurious five star boutique hotels that cater to your every whim.

And, by the way, not that you would forget, but the best thing to do in London is still to go to the local pub and grab a pint with the locals when the workday is done – Don’t miss out on that!