Fez, Morocco – The Festival of World Sufi Culture 2012

sufi culture festival The 6th Edition of the Festival of Sufi Culture will take the stage this April . From Thursday the 12th to Saturday 14th a series of round tables, conferences and concerts will take place. The theme of this years festival is Hakim – “Sufi Sapiens”

Sufism, the mystical side of education and spiritual teaching in Islam and considered by many  to be the heart of the faith was  first revealed to the world in  11th century.

Historically, from the 13th century onward, these teachings were passed from teacher to student down through spiritual centers that aimed to preserve the culture, sociability and spirituality proper behaviours of Islam in an era of dislocation of the Muslim world, particularly under the impact of Mongol invasions.

Sufism has nourished the Muslim culture and not only enhanced its artistic and literary expressions, but also its social and economic advancements. For centuries Sufism has inspired simultaneously the ethical and spiritual charters of guilds throughout the Muslim world.

In Morocco for example, guilds and special trades have traditionally allied themselves with Sufi orders. The relationship that has been established between spirituality and social and human development has marked  the cultural and historical identity of Morocco.

The Sufi Orders of Morocco are engaged in teaching and civic and spiritual education at the same time promoting human development and mediation for peace.

The festival of the Sufi Culture celebrates the heart of the Moroccan society today as well as Sufism throughout the world. Sufism can also inspire on global level and some new approaches towards peace mediations and for development of mutual dialogues between religions and cultures.

Itinerary for 2012 Festival of World Sufi Culture in Fez, Morocco:

The venues have yet to be published but the a provisional program is as follows..

Thursday 12th April

10 a.m. Official opening of the Festival.

11 a.m. Conference : the literature of Hakim in the Sufi tradition

4 p.m. Conference : Hakim and poetry in the works of Mohammed Iqbal

8.30 p.m. Concert by the Nidhamouddine Brotherhood from New Dehli India.

Friday 13th April

10a.m. Conference : Hakim and the voice of spiritual chivalry (futuwwa)

4 p.m. Conference : Hakim and Culture

8.30 p.. Concert : Samaâ of Tariqa Khalwatiyya from Turkey

Tariqa Khalwatiyya Brotherhood
Saturday 14th April

10 a.m. Conference : Can one teach Knowledge?

4 p.m. Round Table with Eva de Vitray Meyerovitch lecturer of Iqbal : l’Islam in mouvement Closure concert : Arab/Andalusian and Samaa – with Sufi Brotherhoods from Morocco.

For more information see

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Other interesting sights to visit while in Fez include:

The museum of Dar Si Said, equipped with a display of Berber arts and crafts from all over Morocco.
The remains of the Badii Palace, a historical monument which is host to the Annual National Festival of Popular Art, beginning the second Friday in June.
The Bahia Palace, which exemplifies Moorish splendor at its finest. It is situated in the heart of the Mellah, and continues to host dignitaries to this day.



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