February 20th Protests in Morocco

People in Morocco are telling each other in whispers about the ‘manifestation’ which is going to take place on February 20th. In the cafe’s the men watch the news from Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, and most importantly Algeria with a huge interest.

One man says the manifestation is to show support for the king while a younger more radical man whispers that it is time that the monarchy share some of its massive wealth with the people. A third man says that those who are saying the protest is in support of King Mohammad VI are only using sneaky means to draw bigger crowds and then incite an incident. A fourth man suspects Algerians may be trying to create unrest in Morocco. Moroccans outside of Morocco are more freely calling for turning against the king, but let’s face the facts – that just isn’t going to happen.
King of Morocco
The king and his government have done the most important thing to keep a revolution from happening. Food is still cheap in Morocco and will probably stay cheap. For a couple of dirhams, men can sit in a cafe all day and drink coffee, eat croissants, and then go home to eat couscous with their families. As long as food is cheap, no one is going to be throwing molotov cocktails.

There aren’t people disappearing in the night, the tales of murder by the government no longer haunt the people, the King may be the subject of some criticism for the girth he has taken on and the massive amount of wealth the crown controls (coffee, tea, Marjan (Moroccan Walmart), sugar, building companies, etc etc etc) or that the royal family spends 10-20 times more than the British royal family in maintaining palaces and living the good life, but the fact of the matter is there are new health centers, new schools, new women’s centers, and new community program centers being opened nearly every day all across Morocco and while unemployment and an idle youth are common factors shared with other Arab nations, the overall sense seems to be that things are getting better. And let’s not forget that nearly a million Moroccans marched in Casablanca a few months ago for no other reason than to show support for the King and his policies against Spanish newspapers who published pictures of Palestinians with a caption stating they were from Moroccan Sahara aka Polisario.

Things are actually pretty good in Morocco and most people support the king because they remember when Morocco wasn’t as good as it is now. It is getting better. Can it happen faster? Sure. Is there corruption in the government? Yes, certainly. Are there problems? Absolutuely. Is revolution an answer for Morocco? No way.

King Mohammad VI is the Moroccan peoples greatest ally. He has done more for Morocco than anyone else. He has changed Morocco for the better during his reign and continues to do so. Maybe the manifestation will encourage him to do even more. Maybe he has been distracted by health, by personal life, and by the weight of the crown.
Maybe Morocco can move forward and take it’s place as the true leader of the Arab and Islamic world under his leadership. It could happen.

Keep in mind, that as an anarchist I am not a fan of government in general. Democracy is the biggest problem being tyranny of the majority and far more prone to corporate corruption and general cleptocracy. However, for Morocco – it is my belief that the monarchy is the perfect form of government. Long live the King!

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