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Exploring Options to Go To the USA – 2012?

Exploring Options to Go To the USA – 2012?

flights to the USAEven though I love living abroad, it’s been almost 4 years since I was back in the USA and so we are thinking to pay a visit to my homeland at the soonest possible time.

Of course with a sweet new baby daughter, a wife that none of my family has met, and a lifestyle where old friends often ask me if I won the lottery – it’s exciting for me to be considering going back to the states.  There are just two things holding me back – we need to get Hanane a resident visa so that she can come and go from the USA with no problems and of course, since I didn’t win the lottery, money is also an issue. We’ve looked at the various ways to travel and while there are some great deals on flights – since we are going to the West Coast, it seems that San Francisco is going to offer us the best option – since that is pretty central to where my mother, brother and sister are – that works for us.

The visa is the real issue holding us back. We’ve just filed the first in a series of papers that need to be filed with the US government in order to even get permission to apply for a visa. You would think that since we’ve been married for two years and we have a daughter who got American citizenship, it would be easy for us – but since my wife is Arab and I’m not rich – the bureaucracy must be met and it looks like it could take the better part of a year for us to get the actual approval.

That makes planning life hard – but lucky for me – I’ve figured out how to survive with what we have. And as we eat Michelin chef prepared meals, stay in five star hotels, travel on beautiful wooden yachts and enjoy all that this life has to offer – trust me, we’re not complaining. I just wonder if I’m going to be able to stand being back in the USA once we get there…time will certainly tell.

I’m guessing that the green light won’t come until 2013, but it is possible it could come sooner. I certainly hope so. In the meantime, I’m trying to see as much of the world I’m in as I can and to get some valuable experience that will help me to land the job I will most certainly need once I get back to the USA. While I’ve built a nice business, I’m not certain it will be enough when we are back in the land of nothing for free – while I married a shepherds daughter, the truth is I’ve spoiled her with travel, luxury hotels and fancy restaurants and I either need to find her a nice farm to live on or else actually win the lotto – I’m not sure which would be easier.

Anyway, all of this is a big part of what occupies my head these days as we travel around Turkey and try to get all of our paperwork done at the same time.  Only time will tell for certain.