Considered as one of the most beautiful cities in central Europe, Budapest has become a favorite travel destination for most people. With its natural beauty, the city offers a lot of great attractions that will surely satisfy any traveler’s eye. It is also rich in architecture that mirror the city’s rich culture. With its famous Goulash, gypsy music, great views from Buda’s Gellert Hill of the Pest side of the city, and a boat ride on the Danube River, you can never fail to enjoy exploring Budapest.

Compared to other European cities, Budapest is an inexpensive city. They offer their guests with a good-value-kind of accommodation that suit their budget. Some hotels in Budapest offer casino rooms where guests can enjoy playing different casino games. Sofitel Atrium Budapest is considered as the largest casino hotel in Budapest, Hungary. It holds 351 hotel rooms that are attached to the casino. Guest can play their favorite casino games in an inviting atmosphere.

Visitors can also enjoy the vibrant and entertaining nightlife in the city. All year, there is always something going on in Budapest. Lots of great festivals, museums to visit, and the famous Opera Theatre can get you going during your stay in the city. Joining the lively nightlife scene in the city proper is the most perfect way to end your day. Minyon, Prime Stakehouse, Pomodoro, and Otkert are just some of the best clubs, and restaurants where you can party all night.

In Liszt Ferenc Square and Raday Street, you can taste the most delicious specialty foods in Hungary. You can eat their famous “Langos” (fried dough). For dessert lovers, you should not miss their “Turo Rudi.” Cafes, restaurants, and pubs are usually standing next to each other, so tourists will not have a hard time finding the right place to dine.

If you are not really into food, you may want to visit the Castle district, which is located on the Buda side of Budapest. This Buda castle is not as grandeur as it was before being destroyed in the war, yet the Castle district remains as a main treasure of Budapest.

After your busy day of sightseeing, exploring, eating, and museum and castle hopping, you can also relax in pools and saunas to treat not only your body, but also your soul, too. The city hotels offer different facilities to their guests such as steam rooms, hot spas, and icy pools.

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