Employed Vagobond

Employed Vagobond

I just finished my first day as a teacher at the American Language Center in Fes. Things are happening so quickly…wow. Wednesday, Hanane and I were both invited to interview for jobs teaching English at the American Language Center. Thursday, David called to tell us we were both hired! Today I had my first day, hers will be Wednesday.

The Center is really a beautiful place and the students all seem to be very motivated. For the rest of this semester the two of us will each be co-teaching with other teachers. Today, I was in a class with intermideiate students and the lead teacher was a very nice man. His teaching style was extremely funny and his accent is an interesting mix of East, West, and British.

The class was 3.25 hours long. The pay is not going to make us rich (especially while we are co-teaching) but definitely it is a far step up from earning what Hanane was with the private schools in Sefrou. Often she would simply not get paid for whatever reason the headmasters might come up with. So this is good.

The Souidi house is fuller than ever as Samira, the wife of Hanane’s brother Mohammad just had a beautiful baby boy and since their house is small, they moved back into the Souidi house. So, just in case you were wondering, there are 3 bedrooms, two salons, kitchen, wet room (for bucket showers), and 1 turkish toilet. At the moment living in the house are Hanane’s mom and dad, her two sisters, me and her, her brother Fouad, Mohammad, Samira, and their new baby plus their older son Amin, Fatima-Zahira- the wife of Hanane’s other older brother is visiting, Said a sort of adopted orphan boy, another neighbor boy, usually another woman named Hanane is around because her husband is in the army, and then there are also usually 2 or 3 or 5 more people someplace. Plus there are 17 rabbits now, about 20 sheep, a dozen chickens, and I’m sure I’m forgetting something…what does that add up to? Well between 12-20 people in three bedrooms and two salons with one toilet and no shower…lol. It’s a busy place. Luckily thea animals aren’t toilet trained and sleep outdoors…oh yeah, I forgot the two dogs.

Basically, 70-80 living things not counting the flies all living in one little concrete house. Wow. Saying hello when I arrive takes a good long while if I do it right.

So anyway, things are pretty good. I’m not complaining a bit. I think the job will be great. My commute is pretty long. A 7 dh cab ride then a 10 dh, 40 minute cab ride and the reverse to get back to Sefrou. I sort of like being crammed in teh big taxis though…it’s like solo time because the quarters are sooooo close. Good time to think and reflect.

That’s all for now.