Eceabat, Turkey – Dardanelles and Gallipolli

Turkey is an amazing place to travel. The small town of Eceabat in Marmara and Thrace is a fine example. Sitting on the edge of the Dardanelles and acting as a gateway to Asia, the city is small but historically significant.

It’s easy to get to Eceabat, just take the ferry from Canakkale and it will only cost you three Turkish Lira. The ferry ride is not too long and scenic as from both sides you can see the winding mountains of Asia on one side and Europe on the other. GallipolliEceabat is small with a population of only around 6000 but it has quite a few hotels within sight of the ferry terminal. We looked at a couple of them and decided to stay at the very cool and friendly, Crowded House Hotel. You can read my review of Crowded House Hotel at TripAdvisor, or you can just take my word for it and make sure you stay there when you go.

Gallipolli BattlefieldsThere is really just one thing of note in Eceabat itself and that is the incredible life size Gallipolli diorama/monument/museum/park next to the ferry terminal. I highly recommend a visit to this, especially at night. If you are coming to Eceabat, chances are that you are going to have a tour of the Gallipolli Battlefields and this display will give you some perspective on what you are seeing, or have just seen.

In terms of food, Eceabat is pretty limited. We had fresh fish from the small shop directly across from the ferry. It was delicious but a bit pricey.Lifesize diorama in Eceabat Our one night in Eceabat we walked through the diorama, ate fish, and then went back to Crowded House where they were kind enough to put the Mel Gibson movie Gallipolli on for us. Personally, I thought the movie was crap, ask to see the documentaries instead.

We booked our Gallipolli Tour through crowded house and I was glad that we did so, but I’ll talk about that in another post.

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