5 Offbeat Things to Bucket List for China

5 Offbeat Things to Bucket List for China

Guest Story and Photos by Brett Baldwin

China is huge. Here are 5 offbeat things to bucket list for China.  Some things are better seen at night, while others should be seen during the day, or when sunset is happening.  Whatever you do, don’t miss these five awesome destinations or sites.

1. The Great-Wall Of China You won’t be disappointed with this one. The great-wall is magnificent. Sitting on the edge of the wall and watching the sunset go down on the far scenery of the mountains, beautiful. This is what creates memories and this place should be on everyones list!

2. The Labrang Monastery Of Xiahe Have you ever looked up in seen millions of stars? Probably not, but you can if you ever visits China’s great city Xiahe. Take a visit to the Labrang Monastery before sunset and prepare to be amazed. Star gazing here is absolutely amazing! You have monks in the background chanting and plenty of incense that fills the air with majestic scents. I promise you will not be disappointed.

3. The Karst Mountains Of Yangshuo Yangshuo ChinaI’m a mountain person so I really enjoy mountains. Especially these incredibly large limestone mountains. They are huge! The best times to see this view is early morning, or late evening (sunset). You’ll be amazed and truly ask yourself if there is a god in this world. Beauty like that just doesn’t appear out of the air.

4. Hong Kong You hear it in movies and you read it in magazines. Hong Kong’s skyline is absolutely earth shattering. It puts New York’s skyline to shame. The amount of skyscrapers there is incredible and will leave you with the feeling of being sooo small. Hong Kong also has a diverse range of culture and food available. So, be sure to eat out and enjoy the music and nightlife scenes.    

5. The Ganya Grasslands Ganya GrasslandsThis isn’t something every tourist does. Well, I can’t imagine a lot of tourist every doing this. When you go to another country the last thing most people want to do is camp. But those that take the leap will have an experience like no other. Flowers are abundant. Grass and trees dominate the landscape. Natural beauty can be seen for miles and miles and that makes the Ganya grasslands a must-see for anyone who loves nature. Don’t miss out on what China has to offer because you are afraid,or uncomfortable. You shouldn’t always be comfortable. If you want to live life, you’re going to need to let go and enjoy!

Guest post by Brett Baldwin of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. USA. He traveled in China  for three weeks and hopes to go back later this year.

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