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Cultures of India- An Introduction

Cultures of India- An Introduction

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India has always been a captivating destination for travelers from all over the world. The enticing unity of Indians reflects a diversity of religions, cultures, customs and languages. This diversity itself is the pride of the nation. The living styles of people, their clothing, thoughts, food and culture, everything has imprints of this diversity. So much so that all together they seem to be a part of an inseparable unit. A traveler can feel this inherent character of Indian culture by simply passing across these streets for its diverse heritage.

Bollywood IndiaIndia possesses one of the oldest civilizations and richest cultural heritages on the planet. It has experienced a multifaceted socio-economic development in the last 61 years after getting its freedom from Britain.

Today, the country has become self-sufficient in agriculture and is now the tenth most industrialized nation in the world. A unique geographical position has given India a chance to develop a unique culture of the Indian subcontinent and this uniqueness is a big ‘pull’ factor for travelers from different countries who visit this amazing country.

culture of IndiaThis cultural uniqueness has become a type of magic attraction for curious travelers visiting India every year. The people and their peculiar lifestyles, their folk dances and music, art and handicrafts. All of these have epitomized the nationality of the country. Be it a festive occasion or a moment of grief, Indians participate in every occasion with an open heart.

Wonderous IndiaPeople wonder how a rural Indian calls any stranger as brother with such an ease. Following the philosophy of “the whole world is our family” an Indian welcomes any guest and offers the best of his hospitality to the person coming to his door. These characteristics surprise anyone who is coming from a distinct culture.

The diversity of India in terms of languages, religion, ethnic origin and geography has led to the development of this distinct cultural structure that has enveloped all differences in a common identity and from Kanyakumari, the outhermost part of India to the peaks of the Himalayas, the country shows a bondedness that is rare in any nation today.

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India, is known as the land of surprises, and that is why it is one of the most fascinating tourist countries in the world. Most surprisingly the country has preserved its historical uniqueness and regional differences in language, religion, ethos, customs, traditions, food and even costumes.. Its glorious forts, temples, mosques and churches; tasty foods, colorful and vibrant festivals, all are yet intact with the common lives of people. Travelers get surprised to see strangers pouring colors on each other in the Holi festival and nobody taking that otherwise.

Dancer in IndiaMost famous cultural destinations of India that are reputed for their cultural and architectural uniqueness are Rajasthan’s palaces, Tajmahal in Agra, and Delhi the capital of India, which embraces culture, ancient glory and architectural riches altogether.

But if someone is searching for the cultural uniqueness, the best place to visit is Banaras or Allahabad, where thousands of people take baths in the holy water of the Ganges and meditate and pray for the freedom of their souls.

The search for the end of desires ends here, where people of any religion, any country, or culture live together, die together, and worship their different idols in their own unique ways with a common notion of getting freedom from the circle of birth and death.

This is India and it is magical.



  1. India certainly is a magical place and the many, many different cultures that inhabit India is part of what makes it such an interesting and wonderous place. Thanks so much for the introduction to the cultures that make up India! I wish you had done this last year before I got there without a clue. =)

  2. Like Connie said, India has many different cultures, and if you like to study, you shoul go to see India.

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