Comments on travel are now open! Tell us your stories and thoughts!

Paris Sex Shop and McDonaldsVagobond has been around for a good long time now – our writers and photographers have been bringing you the best in quirky, luxury, foodie, and offbeat travel over the past five years and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it. We’ve also enjoyed interactions with friends and readers through social media and email too.  In fact, some of those conversations have been the best part of being here.

Several years ago, I made the decision to shut down comments on travel on Vagobond in an effort to drive those sorts of conversations with email and social media – I’m glad to have taken the chance since it allowed me the time to focus on other aspects of the magazine, develop new projects, and to keep the site free of spam and non-travel related self promotion.

Recently, I sat down with several friends in the San Francisco Bay Area and they convinced me that it’s time to give commenting another opportunity.  The reason they gave that pushed me to it was that there are too many distractions and other things to do once a reader leaves our site – whether they go to an overflowing email box or a busy social media account – the bottom line, is I don’t want to miss any conversations with our readers – with you. You may also notice that we’ve changed our theme – we are 100% mobile friendly now but still getting to know this new theme – it’s like a new car – so please be patient as we here get to know how best to use this new machine.

I look forward to hearing from you – via email, social media, or commenting here on Vagobond! As a beginning…have you been to this McDonalds or the Sex Cinema next to it? Where are they?

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