Chicago is friendly and cold

I totally forgot that I wouldn’t have internet on Amtrak and had so much fun in Salt Lake City that I forgot to confirm my couch in chicago and get contact information. Luckily, my friend Melissa Dylan had given me the number of Chad and Emjoy here in Chicago. All of us had done a CD exchange about six months ago, so we weren’t unfamiliar with each other. Chad and Emjoy were incredibly cool and let me crash on an air mattress in their spare room. After two days on the train, I was wiped out and the air mattress was delightful.

Couchsurf tip! An air mattress in the cold can be unpleasant. If you sleep on top of the blankets you will actually stay warmer. I wrapped the blanket around me like a burrito once I became cold and then I slept like a baby.

Chad and Emjoy also swapped books with me. They got the book that I’ve been reading thus far called “Had a Great Time” that Jaida gave me before I left and I got Middlesex and The Kryptonite Kid. It was a twofer for me! Anyway, great folks and once I get the video processed I will post thier couch questions as well as Candice, Cameron, Jessica, and Mike’s from SLC.

Woke up this morning and headed out early to do some sightseeing. Catching the train at 10 pm tonight and heading to Boston.


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