Cevapi Along The Croatian Coast

Cevapi Along The Croatian Coast

Guest Story by Kurt Trumble

The breathtaking Plitvice Lakes National Park, the wonderful island of Hvar, the ancient Roman Dalmatian seaside escape of Split and the walled city of Dubrovnik all make a visit to Croatia one of life’s great pleasures.

cevapi-lepinja-croatia-kastela Traditional Croatian Cevapi served with Lepinja sauce  Photo courtesy of su-lin

If you have spent time in this beautiful country than you undoubtedly know about Cevapi. If you plan on going to Croatia, you should make time to enjoy this delicious dish. If you are in the Split region I can tell of you the perfect little family run restaurant nestled between Split and Trogir, along the Dalmatian coast, to enjoy this dish of spiced meat.

About 40 minutes by bus from Split is one of the seven Kastelas that dot the Dalmatian Coast between Split and Trogir. Kastel Kambelovac, the third Kastel if you’re heading from Split, is the home to Hotel Lamari (if memory serves me correctly). A small family run restaurant that sits along the pier that buts against the Adriatic coast.


A great view along the Adriatic to the islands beyond

If the weather is right, which it often always is, you can sit on the ground level seating outdoors and enjoy a view of Marjan Hill in Split to the east or the island of Ciovo to the direct south. I can tell you the weather is always right personally, since I spent October and November lounging in a t-shirt and shorts on my terrace overlooking the bay.

Wherever you happen to sit in the restaurant you’re sure to enjoy the quintessential Croatian dish Cevapi. Cevapi is a mixed meat, usually made from a combination of beef and pork. Seasonings can include garlic, salt and pepper and paprika in some instances. The dish is served with a traditional flat bread known as Lepinja, along with a side of dipping sauce known as Ajvar, amongst several possible sauces.

Cavapi is only one of the small mixed meat sausages that is found throughout the Balkan region and beyond. Though Cavapi is my favorite, having tried a number of them during my travels in the region.


Enjoy a nice Karlovacko  Photo courtesy of red5standingby

While you are out, gazing across the Adriatic and feeling its warm breeze along the pier nothing is better to complement your meal than a Karlovacko. A pale lager coming in tastefully at a strong 5.2 percent, you need to be careful how many you have. The deliciousness of it goes right to your head.

Have you ever been to Eastern Europe and the Balkan region? What was your favorite mixed meat dish you had there?

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