Celebrate the World’s Oldest Wine at Koumandaria Cyprus Wine Festival

by Victoria Cawthorne

With the esteemed title of the world’s oldest wine still in production, it’s no wonder that Cypriots make such a fuss over Koumandaria wine – indeed, what other style of wine is celebrated with a week-long Cyprus wine festival?

Cyprus Wine Festival cc image courtesy of on Flickr.The festival in question is named after the wine itself, a sweet, amber-coloured dessert wine which dates back as far as 800 BC. This year’s Koumandaria Festival will kicked off on 22 July and runs until the 28th and boasting a packed programme of cultural events that wine enthusiasts will love after arriving on cheap flights to Cyprus.

These events include traditional Greek and Cypriot music performances, as well as plenty of great opportunities to try Cypriot delicacies and mingle with the friendly locals of the Koumandaria region. Koumandaria’s wineries will also be throwing open their doors for tours of the premises and tastings of the wine that’s nicknamed the ‘The Sweet Heart of Cyprus’, so leave the rental car at your hotel as you’ll want to take full advantage of what’s on offer!

See How It’s Made

cc Image courtesy of George M. Groutas on FlickrAs well as chances to taste Cyprus’ most famous tipple, Koumandaria Festival also has an educational aspect as you can learn about its history and see exactly how it’s manufactured. Many of the events will be free too, so even if you’re not planning to indulge, Koumandaria Festival will make for a series of fascinating and fun days out.

What’s more, getting to Koumandaria Festival is also easy thanks to cheap flights to Cyprus. Book now and leave space in your suitcase to bring a bottle or two of Koumandaria home!

Victoria is a travel writer with a passion for music, theme parks, bikes, sewing, vegetarian food and road trips in camper vans. She has travelled extensively through Europe and North America and even lived abroad too, and has a natural passion for penning her experiences along the way.

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