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The Vagobond Guide to Cappadocia, Konya, and Ankara ( Central Anatolia )

The reaction to the Vagobond Guide to Istanbul was so positive that I decided to put together a Guide to Cappadocia too – actually, I suppose I already have but  here are the ‘chapters’. Enjoy and please don’t hesitate if you have any questions about where to go, what to do, or would like help in setting up a trip to one of the most remarkable places on the planet.

hot air balloons in Cappadocia
A hot air balloon ride over the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia may be one of the most amazing experiences of your life.


History of Cappadocia

Cappadocia Travel Museum

Cappadocia Photo Gallery

Goreme (from Fetiye)

Cave Hotels in Goreme

Goreme Open Air Museum

The Best Cappadocia Itinerary

Uchisar, Avanos, and Goreme Food, Art, and Wine

Hot Air Balloons over Cappadocia

Hotels near Kayseri Airport

Taskonaklar – the Rocky Palace of Uchisar

An Extraordinary Anniversary in Cappadocia

5 Day Turkey Tour (including Cappadocia)

Cave Hotels in Uchisar

Fairy Chimneys and Stone Cut Churches

12 Day Turkish Tour (including Cappadocia)

Hotels in Avanos

7 Day Turkish Tour (including Cappadocia)

Central Anatolia (Konya and Ankara)

Konya Hotels

The Mevlana Museum in Konya

Catalhoyuk – the world’s oldest city

Cappadocia to Ankara

Ankara Hotels




Vagobond Travel Museum – Google Virtual Travel

This week, there is just one story that I want to share. I feel like it might be one of the most important stories to come out in travel in a long while.

If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing the world, of exploring the wonders of the world from the ground, but maybe you weren’t able to do so… well, now you can.

World Wonders, a new project from the Google Cultural Institute, lets you take a virtual journey to more than 130 world heritage sites across the globe—like Stonehenge, the Palace and Garden of Versailles, temples of ancient Kyoto or The White City of Tel-Aviv. You can explore each site using Street View, and watch related videos or browse photos and 3D models for more information. 

Start exploring the World Wonders Project now:

Of course, if you want to taste, smell, touch or truly experience the wonders of the world – you still have to go there to do it, but perhaps the interesting ‘google glass’ project will even find a way to cross those barriers.

I’ve expressed this before – I don’t think that travel is for everyone. I think for a lot of people, spending a few hours exploring Machhu Pichu using something like this would bring them as much or more satisfaction than actually going there.

Don’t get me wrong. I would never want to give up travel completely and I know there are plenty of people who, like me, have a nomadic streak built in, but in more than twenty years of travel, I’ve met enough people who were on the road and miserable, that I love that something like this has come along and given them a safe, at their leisure alternative.

Enjoy and if you discover any wonders that you find wonderful, please come share them on Google+ with #worldwonders

Bodrum’s Wonders – The Maussoleum, Herodotus, and the Antique Theatre

The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, depicted in this hand-coloured engraving by Martin HeemskerckBodrum is famous for a few things. One of them is the tomb of King Maussolos which actually gave us the word Maussoleum – it was one of the original 7 wonders of the world and though it is mostly gone – there are still some remains. Pliny the Elder reported that it was over 50 meters high! About the height of a 20 story building – and this was back a few hundred years before Christ was born.

The ‘father of history’ , Herodotus was born here, back when the city was called Halicarnassus. How fitting that the first tourist should be born in a town that would become a world class tourist city.

And then there is the Antique Theatre which dates to the 4th century B.C. and sits unobtrusivly on a hillside next to the road leading into Bodrum.  With a capacity of 12-14 thousand people and after extensive restoration by Turkcell and other partners – is still used today for concerts and events.

Bodrum Amphitheater

The Antique Theatre

Situated directly on the main road from Turgutreis to the airport, unfortunately the traffic noise disturbs enjoying this beautiful scenery. The infrastructure of the area needs improvement and there are plans to divert the main road, there is even the idea to have the road underground, that would be just marvellous.

The most visible sign of the new restoration to the visitor is the entrance to a tunnel, which was found during the first restoration but not opened or investigated until now. It is guessed that this tunnel goes into a tomb chamber.

Right across the road, you will find a lovely hotel just far enough away from the city to be a calm oasis of serenity.  Described as a small, elegant hotel and gourmet restaurant serving the privileged few – this beautiful little hotel is a member of the prestigious la Chaine des Rotisseurs, international gourmet association and has won numerous awards.

antique theatre hotel, bodrumAs one of the those who have been lucky enough to stay at the Antique Theatre Hotel – I can tell you that the true joy is not only drinking wine by the pool but getting in the pool and experiencing the view as you look out over Bodrum. From the pool the line of sight misses all the development and you see not only the sea, but the Bodrum Castle as well. Magnificent is perhaps the only word that adequately describes it.