Mona Lisa in the Louvre

With massive mazes of corridors spread through eight cultural departments including decorative arts, antiquities, sculptures and paintings. You could spend a lifetime there and that doesn’t even include the huge line.Read More →

BCN Door

The flavors of Las Ramblas Not just chocalate but chocolate comes to mind the vanilla, the espresso, the cafe creme, The running river of people and dreams The colors blended into the graffiti The Moroccans and Libyans and Catalans and Spaniards Americans Canadians French Italians Australians Chinese Japanese Syrians MexicansRead More →

cela kula serbia Nis

I will probably be executed by Serbs for this, but I couldn’t help feeling a little bit of admiration for the Turks when I learned the story of the Skull Tower in Nis, Serbia. It is called Cela Kula in Serbian which means…”Skull Tower”.Read More →

When most people think of taking an international trip at Christmas they either think of someplace balmy like Hawai’i or known for Christmas like Germany’s Christmas Markets – a less expected place is the middle of the Mediterranean in winter – Cyprus, for example. While the Med can be stormyRead More →

A look into airport parking near hotels These days, an increasing number of top-notch hotels have been working closely with airports to provide both parking and lodging services to a wide range of tourists. Staying in a hotel room the night before will certainly reduce the overall stress and hassleRead More →

There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee. But almost more important than the actual latte, cappuccino or drip is where you are when you’re drinking it. The charming Viennese coffeehouse culture places the city’s cafés on the must-see list while you’re on a weekend break in Vienna. For a different perspectiveRead More →

road trip

Written by Jessica Langlands Although road trips may have originated in America, the rest of the world has quickly caught on. Now with car hire companies offering their services in thousands of locations worldwide no destination is unreachable. You quite literally have the world at your fingertips! Whilst the thought of drivingRead More →