darbhnaga, India adventures

World travel begins with where you live and this guest post from Gunjan Priya highlights one of the most significant cities in India you may have never heard of. Dharbanga.Read More →

Traveler diarrhea

Montezuma’s revenge, Delhi belly, Hong Kong dog, Tiki trots, Casablanca crud, Katmandu quickstep. But travelers from Mexico, India, Nepal, Morocco, and other places might call it the ‘Lincoln’s Loose Logs’ or ‘Shock and Awe’, because they can get it when they visit the United States tooRead More →

Termini homeless

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but you can certainly see some of it in 24 hours if you don’t have more time. A cheap flight from Fes, Morocco with no frills, uncomfortable carrier Ryan Air got me to Rome’s Ciampino Airport from Fes Sais Airport with an ultra cheap fair of about $60 including the taxes. Not bad for a transcontinental flight. Read More →