What am I doing here? Dragging my family to Turkey for Uncertainty

It’s no easy thing traveling with a family – imagine how hard it would be if I told her that I only have housing arranged for the first month?

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Vagobond Travel Museum for February 24, 2012

The web is full of great travel blogs, travel stories, travel photos and travel videos – the hard part is finding them amidst all the garbage. Through the week, I curate the best travel stories I find at Vagobond Travel Media and then each Friday, I bring you the highlights here at the Vagobond Travel Museum. To let me know about a great story either contact me on G+, Email me, or simply use the Twitter or G+ hashtag #travelmuseum

These are my Travel Museum Inductions for the week of February 24, 2012.

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Vagabonding Vagabond Blogger – Our Interview with Rolf Potts

I caught up with the vagabonding vagabond blogger, Rolf Potts, via email and he kindly agreed to answer a few of my questions for Vagobond readers about life, travel, authenticity and himself.

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