Dad and daughter in Istanbul

It’s been said before, but I’m happy to say it again. Fatherhood is a trip. A wonderful trip. Read More →


I left Morocco again, flew intoMadrid before heading to Frankfurt, Germany then to Dublin. From Dublin, I flew to Canada where I hitched across the country with about $2, found work in the USA, flew back to Dublin, then went to Belgium and from there back to Morocco. Read More →

Much to my surprise, what I had thought would be a sort of never ending, round the world holiday, had suddenly become mired down in love – Read More →

Fes Festival of World Sacred Music

Today is the first day of the Fez Festival of Sacred Music and as such, this edition of the Vagobond Travel Museum is dedicated to the festival, the city of Fez, and the sacred music of the participants (or non-sacred).Read More →