The Canakkale Archeological Museum

Archaeology and Ethnology museums are two of my favorite things to visit when I travel. Since traveling around the world is really about discovering history and culture for me.

After returning from our visit to the ruins of Troy, we hopped off the dolmus and walked a few yards to a very nice little archeology museum in Canakkale. The museum is called the Canakkale Musezi by the locals. The entrance fee was 5 lira and we interrupted a card game among the staff by showing up since we were the only ones there besides them. The poor security guard had to move from room to room with us while his tea got cold and his friends waited for him to come back and play.

It was a beautiful museum with great displays of finds from Troy, Assos, and Dardanos. Of course since the treasure hunter Schliemann carted most of his finds out of Turkey illegally to take them to Germany and since the Russians then took them after the war, the most amazing finds of Troy aren’t on display here.

Canakkale Eros
Eros sees nothing from the glass case
Trojan Gods hoding Court
The Gods Hold Court in Canakkale or Ancient Troy

Still, I was enchanted by the figures of Eros. The small figurines arranged in the cases seemed to be holding a court of the Gods with the perfect lighting. The ancient weapons and tools were intersting with great layouts of bone needles and ancient metal working tools arranged logically. And the pottery was beautiful.

In addition there were plenty of statues, columns, and graves. Most notable was the statue of Hadrian in Armor.

The thing that really amazed me though was that in a back room where all the Lycean graves were displayed they had set up a modern exhibition of mosaic tile art. Stunning and beautiful. While I’ve always enjoyed seeing mosaics in places like Volubulis, Ephesus, or the Hagia Sophia – there was something about seeing Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ as a mosaic that suddenly made me understand this astounding art.

I’ve set up a gallery of all the other mosaics I shot photos of in the Vagobond galleries.

Trojan statue of HadrianEdvard Munch Mosaic

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