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[ad#pwp]One of the great things happening in travel right now is responsible tourism and travel with a purpose. How would you like to help build a village in India?

The best part of this is that those who participate (just $10) not only get the chance to feel good about making the world a better place, but they also get to have a chance to win some pretty amazing travel prizes.

See all the prizes that have been donated at this link

You win this, flights, hotels, vacation packages, and more just by choosing to help build a village in India by donating $10! It doesn’t get much better than that in life. Oh, except one other thing…each of your $10 donations (which can win you prizes) are tax deductible!
Building a village in India
I’ve long believed that travel needs to be about more than just going places and taking pictures. That’s part of the reason I love being a teacher, I really get to make a difference. Now you can make a difference too. And, you might win some great travel prizes for helping.

Passports with Purpose was started by four bloggers with an idea. Together they raised $7000 the first year for Heifer International. In the process they managed to give away a bunch of travel prizes and do some real good in the world. Last time they raised $30,000 for a school in Cambodia (and gave away even more fantastic prizes). And this time….
Sikkavalam Village
The goal this year is to raise $50,000 and build a village for untouchables in India. The village will give houses to those who have never had them in Karunganni, which is located in the state of Tamil Nadu. All the money raised goes to a trusted and award winning humanitarian aid organization called Land for Tiller’s Freedom (LAFTI).

To participate just go to Passports with Purpose and each time you donate $10 you can choose a prize drawing to enter. Or, if you are doing it with no hope of reward, you can just donate. The Contest has already been running for a while but it closes at the end of the day on December 13th, 2010.

We hope to be listing some more prizes very soon. For now, have a look at Passports with Purpose and then come back and comment here with what you are bidding on.

Passports with Purpose

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4 thoughts on “Building a Village in India – Passports with Purpose

  1. Passports With Purpose is a truly worthy charity and I think the calling cards are a great prize! As a traveler, I know that those international rates can be a killer!

  2. I thought the calling cards were a great prize too. But after I won them, they revealed the supposed gift cards were “Valid to new Pingo customers, one per person” AND all 20 people would be required to supply all their personal info (email, phone, address) to their non-secured site. In effect, these were not gift cards but a way to sign up 20 new customers. These restrictions were not disclosed during the contest, and the “gift cards” are just the free $10 ‘trial’ calling cards they are giving away on their site. When I pointed this out, pingo couldn’t care less.

    I think this is a great charity, but pingo is misleading at best, a scam at worst.

    Pingo should not have benefited from all the positive publicity.

  3. I agree with you Monica. My deepest apologies for this. As I explained to you, I was told 20 $10 gift cards, not a promotional scam. If there was a way to take back the promotion Pingo received from all of this, I would certainly take it back. By the way, you can use fake names, address, and phone numbers all you need is a free yahoo or gmail account. I say go for it.

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