Bruce Lee in Morocco

Bruce Lee in Morocco
As most of you know, I love couchsurfing! So what does couchsurfing have to do with Bruce Lee being in Morocco? Well, it’s simple. My last couchsurfer was a Canadian named Bruce Lee.

Bruce contacted me through about a month ago and told me he would be taking a journey through Europe and North Africa. Aside from his name, there was something that immediately told me Bruce was the kind of couch surfer I enjoy hosting: he had actually read my couchsurfing profile, knew that I was in Sefrou and not in Fez, and kindly offered to scour some used book stores in Canada for a couple of books I had been wanting to read since in my profile, I state that English language books are sometimes hard to come by in Morocco. Don’t get me wrong, you can find books in English, but if you are looking for specific titles, you are looking for a needle in a French and Arabic haystack.
Jewish pool sefrou
Bruce arrived during a week when I was particularly busy with consulting projects, teaching, and life in general. To top things off, the taxis were striking so I had been couchsurfing with teaching colleagues in Fez all week since the grand taxis to Sefrou were not running. As luck would have it though, the strike ended when he arrived.

We met up at Cafe Clock in the Fez Medina where I had been doing some web design work and then set off to the ALC where Bruce waited while I taught my classes. Bruce is one of those guys who immediately sets you at ease and I wasn’t surprised to come out of class and find that he had already made friends with several people while he waited. By the way, he followed through on his offer and brought me two thick tombs, Plexus by Henry Miller and Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time.

He was glad to get the extra weight out of his bag and I was glad to get two books I’ve been wanting to read for a while.
Sefrou army base
We set off for Sefrou, giving Bruce his first experience being crammed into a grand taxi with six other people and arrived in the Casbah a little after dark. We rustled together a vegetable stew and some sub-standard tea in my place and sat up talking for the next few hours.

In the morning we treked up to the Souidi house and dragged Hanane and Zahira out of bed to take a hike through the mountains near Sefrou. It was our usual route to the monument, past the cascade, up to the water source and then back to the Medina. I had to go back to Fez to host the Friday movie and Bruce joined the Souidis for Friday Couscous.
Sefrou Sweety
When I returned I found Bruce relaxing in the Casbah. Of course he was stoked to have enjoyed Mama Khadija’s world class couscous. My neighbor Jess and friend Marion, a Peace Corps volunteer then called and invited us over for dinner next door.
Sefrou almond tree
We had a very nice time. Hanane joined us and we all sat up shooting the shit until too late. In that process we found that Bruce’s next host was Hanane and my friend Hassan down in the Sahara and that Bruce had met up with a girl Hanane had couchsurfed with in Tangier a few days before.

Also Bruce told the following funny story. It seems when he was walking in the Fes Medina, a shop keeper noticed he was Chinese and asked him if his name was Jackie Chan…Bruce cooly answered him “Dude, you have no idea!”
Sefrou kids
Once again, I’ve made a great friend through Couchsurfing and it just goes to show that even though I get dozens of requests from people who don’t bother to read that I am in Sefrou and sometimes a surfer isn’t great, it’s one of the best programs going.

In the morning we all set off our seperate ways, but I’m sure that we’ll meet again Bruce Lee.


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