Breakfast in Turkey, Lunch in Greece, Dinner in Italy – An Awesome Day Across the Mediterranean

Kos to Bodrum FerrySunday was my kind of day.  I started in one country, had lunch in another and then ate dinner in a third! You have to love being able to do all of that for less than most people spend on a fancy dinner.

Even though I wasn’t doing scuba in the Red Sea and I made a few costly errors – still, it was the kind of day that makes me understand exactly why I love to travel.  Everything about the day just worked so when I screwed up, I was able to just bite the bullet and not obsess or freak out about it.  It makes a huge difference.

I woke up at the coolest hotel in Bodrum,Turkey – the Su Hotel is in the heart of Bodrum but somehow manages to keep the calm tranquility you would expect to find well outside of the center. From the blue water mosaic that leads you to the compound to the colorful rooms and the original artwork on the walls – this is without a doubt the hotel that I recommend if you plan to visit Bodrum.  So, waking up there, I felt rested and ready.

The ferry port was just a ten minute walk from the hotel but I”m a bit neruotic about being early when it comes to travel and guess what? In this case, it was confirmation that my neurotic habits are good – it was the wrong ferry port!

I caught a taxi and paid my first oops-tax of the day for not checking my paperwork more carefully – but, I made it. The ferrys run from Bodrum to Kos and back several times a day and the cost is just 25 Euro for a round trip.

The ferries look like these amazing jet boats, but in fact, they didn’t seem to go all that fast and stunk of diesel inside – still, starting a day with a boat trip makes  the day wonderful.

Deserted beach on KosGetting to Kos, Greece – I went through customs quickly and had a long walk through ancient Greek and Roman ruins, drank a delicious fresh orange juice and then caught the bus to a remote beach village where I sat in a Greek Taverna and  drank a beer while watching bikini clad European girls sunbathe on a nearly deserted perfect beach.  The fact is, I didn’t want to leave – but I had a flight to catch. Still I dragged out my hours in Kos as much as I could…

Which led to the second oops-tax of the day.  I’d booked a flight through RyanAir – round trip from Kos to Bologna, Italy was 21 Euro!  But, I had been so enjoying Kos that I forgot to print my boarding passes – a big mistake with Ryan Air and so I had to pay a 60 Euro fee or miss the flight – while I was tempted, I”m coming to Bologna for a reason – so I paid without too much complaint. After all – even with the fee, it’s still a pretty cheap trip.

Looking down at GreeceOn the flight, I took the window seat, opened up a book on my kindle and read for the next 2 1/2 hours.  Traveling solo means I get both those luxuries and the time to just stare out the window at the beautiful Mediterranean below.

Arriving in Bologna, Italy there were no customs to deal with since Greece and Italy are both EU members – so I walked outside and caught the local bus to the center of Bologna.  In the center there was some sort of music festival with massive bells and a solo guitar rocker with huge speakers mounted on a motorcycle – and plenty of monumental architecture to gawk at.  Since I am a small one bag traveler – I shouldered my bag and wandered around enjoying the feel of being back in Italy. There really is something magical about this country.

As I wandered, I checked out hotels along the way. Finally, towards evening, I found Hotel Paradise, a sophisticated circus themed hotel and checked in. After a shower and a change of clothes, I went to a local trattoria for a dinner of pasta, chicken and red wine – stunningly delicious by the way and then returned back to my room to do a bit of work on the computer and then go to bed.

So, in a sense – breakfast in Turkey, lunch in Greece, dinner in Italy. An awesome day across the Mediterranean.

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