Biking across Africa?


My hat and I finally made it to Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca.

Here is Olivier and his bike, he is trying to convince me to go to Senegal

With Olivier, the Swiss man I met in Rabat who biked here today while I took the train and with John, a friendly Englishman who arrived here several days ago I journeyed back to the Mosque of Hassan II for the sunset and then we visited a book fair where the books were more expensive than those I’ve seen in shops here or anywhere and then to a dinner of chicken sandwiches for 20 dirham each, and then a visit to Rick’s Cafe, the place made famous by Humphrey Bogart in the movie Casablanca.

I’ve been thinking about all the comments that you guys have made and I appreciate every one of them.

By the way my return flight to the USA from Barcelona left yesterday from Barcelona with my seat empty. There is no going back for me.

In regards to my journey and your thoughts on it, I have to say that one can travel without travelling alone, doing something you’ve never done before certainly can bring you to something you’ve never had, keeping one’s self safe is difficult and keeping two safe can be both easier and harder, and that time reveals all things. Some of them beyond imagination.

For instance, I would bet that none of you have ever seen any toy like this before:

I would also guess that most have never seen a street where men with typewriters sit at outdoor tables and hire out their services like this:

I’m guessing that none of you have ever watched a romance bloom on a journey with no destination between the daughter of a Moroccan shepherd and the son of an American hippie chick and a 1970s rock and roller.

But I’m guessing that you would pay $10 to watch the movie, read the book, or see it on TV. What I’m saying here is that I do this for free, you can certainly continue to read for free, but it would feel good for me and for you if you just click on that donate button and help support this modern day quest for love, beauty, and understanding…not to mention fame and fortune. My gratitude goes out to the one person who has supported me by donating $50 (you rock L.S.!) and to those few of you that have shared my story thus far.

Remember, there is no going back for me and if this road leads to marriage, family, international incidents, or Allah knows what else, you can be a part of it. And if there is a wedding, those who donate are invited for the experience of a lifetime. The dream wedding of the girl I love costs about $2000 and I guarantee you have never seen anything like what she has described. She has told me, if a wedding happens, a cheap one would be okay with her, but of course, I want her to have her dream. In this culture, the father doesn’t foot the bill like my Dad had to do for my sister.

So there it is folks, I know there is a Fantastic Depression, but supporting me and this journey might be the best cure for it.

A self portrait at the Challah in Rabat

Tomorrow I’m going to Marrakesh.


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