Big Changes Are Coming Soon…..

Big Changes Are Coming Soon…..

We may all have to deal with some big changes soon, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about my life and the lives of my wife and daughter. Sophia is just about done with kindergarten and Hanane is almost through with her year of working with special needs children and I am most definitely almost through with owning an antique shop and publishing a small town paper.

We are going to do that magical thing that seems impossible to most people in the modern world – we are going to liquidate everything and travel around the world. I’ve been homesick for Hawai’i since I left back in 2008, Hanane deeply misses her mom and sisters, and Sophia is ready to see the world and call it Bob.

This is where we are at the moment – we are renting a house that is full of stuff, we own three cars, an antique shop full of stuff, and a small-town newspaper. We’ve been here four years and built everything we have from arriving in the USA back in 2013 with six suitcases and about $7000 in the bank. Our mission was to build a life here – and we’ve done that – and we don’t particularly like it – so we are giving ourselves a new mission. You can find out about it on our new website:

Don’t worry – this site is going to grow and change too.  Vagobond has always been a site focused on luxury world travel, fabulous foodie adventures, and hair raising adventures – it still will be – these past few years haven’t been very excitiing – I admit it.  Now I need to think about how to update the site design…


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  1. wow how exciting!! so glad there are still brave people (families) who make the decision this is not enough, I am not happy and I am going to do something about it.

    it’s been a few years since we (Lyn & Cindy) met you both in Morocco, and I hope someday our paths cross again.

    good luck with ‘liquidating’ I look forward to hearing about your travels when the adventure starts. if you happen to make it to Australia (you never know) you are always welcome with me (if I am in the country).

    love to the 3 of you, go for it!!

    Brisbane (Austraila)
    currently traveling in Nicaragua.

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