Better Luck in 2011!

Happy New Year to Everyone and better luck in 2011. Seems like it was a difficult year for the world with more natural disasters and financial meltdowns in 2010 than ever before recorded. I’m sure that if we dug around we could find a ton of reasons why 2010 was a bummer, but over all, I think we can just all consider ourselves lucky we survived it.

The difference between a victim and a survivor is all in the mentality. Congratulations to all of us that survived it and are still huffing and puffing along on this New Years Eve of 2010/2011.

For me the ultimate joy is knowing that my wife and the vagobaby she’s carrying are safe and sound with her family and even though I would like nothing better than to kiss her as the clock strikes midnight, she knows that I am sending a kiss through the ether to her with all my thoughts and that is enough.

It’s a funny place to find myself on the verge of a new year. I’m in the Turkish Riviera and am surrounded by some pretty amazing people for the last 72 hours or so as I see if this is the right place to work and live. Since I do some freelance work each day, it’s not accurate to say I’m unemployed since I’m self-employed but odd to find myself both homeless and jobless as another new year begins.

Overall, I would say that 2010 was an amazing year for me. My wife and I had a wonderful wedding in the Sahara and we traveled around Morocco and Turkey together. We got the chance to live in a new city and then in a new country and now we get to experience the road of becoming and being parents.

We didn’t get wealthy and we didn’t find our home yet, but I have no doubt that we will. When we do, everyone will be invited for couscous and Moroccan tea or maybe Penang Curry and fried hamsi…it all depends on what day it is.

I hope that all of you can reflect on the joys you got to experience in 2010 and I hope that you get to have many more during 2011.

Happy New Year! Here’s to better luck in 2011!

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