Off the Beaten Track: Tips for Getting the Most from Adventure Travel

Adventure travel provides excitement and exhilaration at every turn but it can also make you very vulnerable. To ensure you enjoy your trip as intended and make the most of your experiences, keep the following tips in mind.

hiking in ServiaKeep comfortable

Chances are you will spend more time walking and exploring by foot than you will by public transport on an adventure trip which is why comfortable clothing and equipment is a must. Certain conditions and climates may not always be the comfiest but as long as you come prepared, nothing will mar your enjoyment. Durable footwear and a spacious, well-designed backpack are essential items, especially if you intend to travel light.

Prioritise your health

There is nothing worse than wasting days of your precious vacation confined to your room with a bug or an infection. Unfortunately many things can trigger an illness while abroad such as the local water supply or certain foods but it’s possible to prevent illness by taking the suitable travel medication before and during your trip. Prebiotic like ‘Travel Aid’ are preferable to traditional probiotics since they give your immune system a much-needed boost and prevent bad bacteria from thriving to avoid any further complications.

Belgian rain

Use adventure travel apps

Travelling is generally all about enjoying the moment without any distractions or much interference from modern technology, but there is no harm in using it when it may be able to save your life. Phone apps can help you in emergency situations and may even enrich your experience. Everything from deciding how to tip in foreign countries to needing medical assistance can be stressful when travelling and thankfully many apps can make light of these common issues.

Android apps like ‘Tipping bird’ for example can actually calculate the appropriate tip to give according to the country, type of service and even the individual i.e. cleaning staff or baggage handlers etc. An equally useful travel app is the ‘Help Call’ app which cleverly detects your location, scans a database of local emergency numbers and calls the nearest one to you.

Adventure travel doesn’t come without its risks, but this is what makes it so exhilarating. Experiencing your destination in a unique light is what makes travel worthwhile and spurs you on to try new things.

If you want to get the feel of offbeat accommodation on your travels, hoteliers  offer the weary traveller a quiet and secluded spot to call base camp, featuring an array of private hideaways that concern themselves more with charm and character than a magnet for tourism.

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