Bariloche – Patagonian Paradise

North Americans tend to think of South America as something between a banana republic and a third world poverty hole – nothing could be further from the truth. This is especially true when you get into Argentina and even more so when you venture into Patagonia and the Bariloche Region.

Nothing can prepare you for the wonders you will encounter – far from there being tall buildings and sophisticated European civilization as you find in Buenos Aires – in Bariloche you find more than you ever expected. The town of Bariloche acts as a home base for many travelers who want to explore Patagonia. The shores of Lago Nahuel Huapi are nothing short of stunning – this is especially true in the morning as the sun rises or when you are returning after having been away. The lake is just one of the jewels that travelers find and the recreation you discover on it.

Argentina-BarilocheHowever, when winter comes, it is the skiing that makes Bariloche famous. Called the Switzerland of South America for good reason, the architecture, the landscape, and the slopes all are reminiscent of the Swiss Alps. Actually, for those who have never been to Switzerland – it might be a better comparison to say Lake Tahoe – nice slopes, great mountain food like steak and hot chocolate, and great beer for drinking after you come off the slopes.

Bariloche also has a high tech industry and several univeristies so it’s a fun place with lots of night life and no shortage of wifi hotspots. It’s a fun place filled with people that love the outdoors, love living life to the fullest, and aren’t afraid to Tango because, after all – its still Argentina.


There are quite a few (obviously very intelligent) students who come to Bariloche to study Spanish and while doing that explore the magnificent hiking, kite surfing, boating, skiing, tango, and trekking that can be found in the areas surrounding Bariloche.

In terms of hotels, there are plenty to choose from with a wide range of accomodations ranging from budget hostels to five star resorts with all of the luxury you can imagine. In the middle, there is something for every budget. Bariloche has attracted culinary attention as well because there are a number of top Argentine chefs who have opened restaurants in the region. You can even use gobibo coupon codes in town. Think you can’t find sushi in a South American ski town? Think again…

Bariloche is one of those places you have to go in order to really get it. You have to stand there and see what it’s all about before you can understand. So, what are you waiting for?

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