Barcelona Feasting and Amusements

I admit it. I’m fucking beat, exhausted, run out of steam. I’ve slept about three solid hours over the past three days, but I’m not complaining. It’s been fantastic. Everyone I’ve been meeting and talking with, hanging out with, and getting to know. The Roman Invasion was a bunch of couch surfers from Rome who decided to all come to Barcelona at the same time.

The Barcelona CSers set up a full schedule of events. I was fortunate to have a place to stay with my friends Julian and Elena, who were among the primary organizers. So, as a result of all this, and since I have been learning Spanish as I go, I now speak a truly atrocious mixture of bad Spanish, broken English, bad French, and all with a sort of funny Italian accent I picked up from the Romans. I call it Vagonese, I’m fluent in it, but there are only a few who understand it.

Friday night there was a house party at Alessio and Delia’s house. From the pile of shoes at the door, we decided that “Shoes Happen”

Friday night there were severe windstorms that destroyed parts of Barcelona and killed several people. As a result of the storm, Parc Guell was closed and so I will have to see that, the magic fountain, and the mercury fountain on another visit to BCN.

Saturday we had planned on Go Karts, Volleyball on the Playa, and a football (soccer) match, but due to the winds, we stuck with only the Go Karts. I came in last, but enjoyed every moment of it.

After the carts we went to a sort of traditional Catalan feast called a Calcotada. It was amazing. (See previous post for another video of the party!)

After this, I moved to Ruben’s couch because there were more couch surfers coming in and then we went to a huge bar to drink and then on to a massive Disco right on the edge of the Mediterranean.

I made it back to Ruben’s at around 10 am, showered, grabbed my bags, and then caught the bus to Valencia, about a four hour ride, it’s where I am now. Wow. I feel like I just came away from a 10-day party bus rental.

As always, you can check out all my photos here.

(Originally posted 25 January 2009)


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