How to Avoid Holiday Hell Parking

Going on holiday is a treat and, I’m sure, the highlight of most people’s working year. However, planning a holiday is not always so easy and stress-free and if not done well has been known to ruin many much anticipated breaks away – take programmes such as “Holiday from Hell” as an example.

holiday travel planningMake sure that you start planning your holiday early; this way you get a much wider choice of destination, accommodation and you will get a pick of some of the best prices available. It will also help when you come to book travel extras such as flights, airport parking, airport hotels and insurance, as inevitably, the earlier you book the cheaper they will be. If you leave your holiday planning until the last minute, you may be lucky to get some last minute deals but will forfeit your perfect destination and may end up paying out of the ear for all of your holiday extras.

If you live more than half an hour away from the airport, getting there can be a hassle, especially if you have a very early flight – and starting your holiday stressed-out and tired is not ideal. To avoid this, it might be worth having a look at the airport parking and hotel options that are available online, so that you can kick start your holiday feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Airport parking isn’t necessarily something that you want to have to think about or spend your money on when at the forefront of your mind are sandy beaches and cocktail bars. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that you can save money, to spend on your holiday, by pre-booking parking online. If you wait to pay for your airport parking on the day you fly then you could pay up to 60% more than you would if you booked online – that’s an awful lot of money to waste on parking when it could be spent on a slap up meal by the sea.

If you were to pay the gate price for long stay Heathrow airport parking for one week from 1st – 8th February you would be out of pocket by £112.90, which is £50.40 more than you would pay if you had pre-booked online. So it is definitely worth remembering to pre-book your airport parking and getting it out of the way while booking the rest of your holiday to save yourself some money to spend on holiday presents, extra cocktails or perhaps a boat trip or candle lit meal while you are away.

If you are looking for the ultimate in convenience and want to start your holiday as you mean to go on, then it might be worth booking an airport hotel with your parking or finding a hotel that offers parking. Sometimes these deals work out at the same price as the parking on its own – so essentially you are looking at a free nights stay in a hotel and avoiding any sleepless nights and early morning starts. If you were to book the same parking as suggested above with a Heathrow airport hotel prices start from £57.50 (depending on your specifications) which is only slightly more expensive than just paying for parking – so it is definitely worth checking out.

So, all in all. Get planning, be organised and be savvy and you will save money and ensure you have the best time possible on your holiday – so you can come back feeling energised, ready to rejoin the rat race and plan that next holiday.


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