The Avala Tower in Belgrade, Serbia

Serbian TV Tower

Television Tower in Belgrade, Serbia

I remember when the first version of this tower was bombed by NATO. It was a cause for celebration, it was the beginning of the end of a terrible genocide. And yet, visiting the place where this tower was reborn with Serbian patriots – I shared their pride in it. I shared their memory of friends being killed, neighborhoods being bombed, and I shared their hatred of NATO, the US, and the world who was against Serbia. This tower is a triumph. It is a triumph in many ways. It is a triumph of good over evil and a triumph of the innocent overcoming the evil that came from good intentions. I am very happy I had the chance to visit this monument and to drink from big beers with friends as we sat at the mud and ice covered base looking at the vast stretches of Serbia around us.

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The Avala Tower (Serbian: ??????? ????? / Avalski toranj) is a 204.5 m (671 ft) tall telecommunication tower located on Avala mountain in the periphery of Belgrade. It was destroyed in NATO bombardment of Serbia on 29 April 1999. On 21 December 2006, the reconstruction of Avala Tower commenced and the tower was officially opened at a ceremony on 21 April 2010. It is currently the tallest tower in Serbia and the Balkan region.

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