Hawaii famous landmark Hitachi

On the west side of Honolulu, just near the big pink building (Tripler Army Hospital) before you reach Aloha Stadium – is one of the most famous trees that you’ve seen but never heard of. The Hitachi Tree – the symbol of the Hitachi Company – the large monkeypod treeRead More →

Honolulu street art

Long ago, before white people came to Hawai’i – the area called Kaka’ako which now sits between Honolulu Harbor, Downtown Honolulu, and Ala Moana Shopping Center was a place where Hawaiian royalty lived – it was a rich agricultural landscape of terrace agriculture. There were fishponds, homes, and burial sites.Read More →

Makapu’u Point. One of the most visually striking places on the island of Oahu comes as you head around the south side of Oahu through rocky, volcanic, cactus filled and generally desert island vistas and you turn north onto the Windward side of Oahu. People think of Oahu and generallyRead More →

Fred Kamaka Sr and Christopher Damitio

Fred Kamaka Sr and his brother Sam Kamaka, Jr – the sons of legendary ukulele maker Sam Kamaka, Sr. All three are inductees in the Ukulele Hall of Fame. The children of Fred and Sam still run the Kamaka Ukulele Factory where there are approximately twenty-five employees. The factory producesRead More →

There are few places that can inspire awe and contemplation as those where important historical events – and thousands of human deaths – took place. Pearl Harbor, once the jewel of the Hawaiian Islands – a protected harbor with many streams flowing into it and oyster beds that some sayRead More →

There are few places as beautiful as Windward Oahu (East side of Oahu in Hawai’i). The Windward side offers sweeping mountain vistas, lush tropical rainforest, both rugged and serene coastline with fifty different shades of blue water, and much more. It also offers some amazing food choices…and if you haveRead More →