Annual Travel Insurance – Why this is a Priority for my Adventures

Guest Story by Jenny Pilley

Travelling is exciting but at the same time a little scary regardless of where you are going. Robots in Vegas cc Image courtesy of Moyan_Bren on FlickrAlthough I haven’t been as adventurous to back pack around the depths of Australia or the Far East, I have seen quite a few European countries and more recently the bright lights in the city of Las Vegas.

When the flights and the hotels are booked, the next important thing is currency. By the time that’s been bought, what’s left is spent on the essentials; clothes, shoes and sun cream. The last element to be considered on many people’s part is the insurance; yet this should be one of the first priorities.

There are so many people going off on exotic adventures in various parts of the world that are still novice to tourists and contain many unknown areas. Obviously I was going to possibly the most touristy city in the world, but that said; the roads are busy, the streets are crowded and there are many dangers that could still mean I’m left vulnerable.

Vegas - ccImage courtesy of Curtis Gregory Perry on FlickrWith certain countries, the excitement lies in doing something new for the very first time. For me, it was the helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon, taking the Greyhound bus to Los Angeles and enjoying the sites that Hollywood had to offer. These were elements that made my trip out there, and for many, whether this is skiing on the Alps, riding elephants in Kenya or climbing Ben Nevis in Scotland, the danger element that these adventures could provide is half the thrill.

Of course, thinking ahead is a practical solution and having financial security should the worst happen, gives peace of mind that many travellers need; especially those who travel frequently. I try and go away a couple of times a year, even if this just on a city break. Last year it was Barcelona, this year it’s been Amsterdam, but not having this to worry about due to having annual travel insurance makes the whole process of going away less stressful.

It sounds boring, I know, but I think it’s an important aspect that more and more people believe they can do without. Despite the warnings, and the frequent scenarios we hear in the press about accidents occurring whilst on holiday, people do feel it’s worth the risk even though there are many providers that can offer cheap insurance.

Holidaying and adventures should be fun, but there are dangers that every so often mean you need to turn for help; whether this be for a lost wallet, emergency airline fare, or medical assistance, travel insurance is a necessity, and it doesn’t take up any space in the suitcase!



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