Enticing vacationers from all over the world, Ankara is a modern European metropolis that is an important commercial and industrial city. Known as the capital city of Turkey, this magnificent destination is known as a center of opera, ballet, jazz and modern dance and it is also the home of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra. With so much to see and explore, you shouldn’t wait anymore and catch the early flight to Esenboga International Airport to see this gorgeous city.

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This enchanting destination is brimming with plenty of attractions. Do check out the Anitkabir, it is mausoleum of Musatafa Kemal Ataturk. He was the leader of the Turkish War of Independence and the founder & the First President of the Republic of Turkey. This magnificent attraction is designed by the architects Professor Emin Onat and Assistant Professor Ahmet Orhan Arda. There is museum nearby that showcases large collection of the Ataturk memorabilia and paraphernalia. Also watch out for the Atakule Tower along with friends, it is known as the highest structure of the city. Those who love art and craft they should visit the State Art and Sculpture Museum. This alluring museum is known for housing galleries with the temporary exhibitions as well as the permanent display of Turkish Art from late 1800s up to today.


Ankara has plenty of shopping avenues that offers a plethora of things. From clothes to accessories, electronics to leather goods, gifts to souvenirs, here you will get it all. Travel down to Kiztlay, known as the heart of the city, it is the most popular and crowded shopping areas of the city. At the Ararurk Bulvan, the chestnut trees, sparrows and vivid stores line the street. Watch the illuminated windows, bookstores, restaurants, cafes and various business centers at this place. Those who are interested in shopping they should definitely check out this area of the city.


Known for its delectable dishes and home to wide array of world-class restaurants, Ankara offers visitors myriad of delicious cuisines of the city. While at this city, you have to visit the Haci Arif Bey Kebabçisi. Situated at Kavaklidere, this restaurant serves mouthwatering içli köfte, eggplant salads, and tasty kebaps. Do taste the perfectly cooked grilled meats and an incredible sticky-sweet baklava, this is the most popular dish of this restaurant. Apart from this restaurant there is one more place that has garnered high reputation in short span of time is Körfez Lokantasi. This restaurant specializes in offering Turkish comfort food at reasonable prices. From grilled dishes to fish, here you will be served varied dishes. You should not leave this amazing restaurant without trying out its fried anchovies and finish the meal with rich and delicious Kunefe.

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