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What are Vagabonds and Vagobonds?

A Vagabond (spelled with an ‘A’ – sometimes scarlet) is a person without an obvious source of income who wanders from place to place. A Vagobond (spelled with  an “o” sometimes big) is like that too.  Since the 1920’s the term has been used to describe a type of travel that doesn’t break your budget and that generally brings one into contact with local people, cultures, and landscapes.

Harry Franck, a pioneer in cultural travel without giant budgets such as those provided by organizations like the National Geographic Society wrote numerous books about his travels on every continent. (To learn more about Harry, you can visit here. )

In the 1960’s American Ed Byrne set out to explore not only the USA but also Europe and North Africa with a very low budget and a desire to get to know the people. His books and down to earth writing style inspired people like my parents generation and those who followed after them to spend more time than money. Ed is the original slow traveler. (To learn more about Ed, go here.)

During the 1990’s and 2000’s some of us were inspired by Harry, Ed and those greats who came before us to hit the road and learn to travel in a different way than most people were doing. Not just the backpacker trail which had consisted mostly of hippies and dope seekers in cheap places like Thailand and Eastern Europe, but to really see the world and get to know the people in it.

By no means was the idea original even when you go back as far as Ibn Batuta or Herodutus (-more about them and other extraordinary vagabonds here) but it was different than just about everyone else was living. Rolf Pott’s now classic manual for living the road life Vagabonding hit the shelves in December of 2002 and in May of 2003, Vago Damitio’s Rough Living: Tips and Tales of a Vagobond was published.

Since then, travel has changed immeasurably. The internet has become a fundamental part of travel and rather than sending postcards and letters things have become very different.

The difference between a Vagabond and a Vagobond is really all about the “GO

The History of this Site

In the 1990’s, Christopher ‘Vago’ Damitio (aha, that’s why there’s an ‘o’ in it), was using group emails to update friends and family about his travels and adventures. In 2000 he began blogging on his own website.

Vagobond became a place where many writers shared travel tips and stories. Here, you can find unique world travel stories, discover amazing vagabond trips,  learn travel tips, and read fun features like ‘Extraordinary Vagabonds‘ every Saturday. You can even plan your trip around the world using the tools here – or ask us advice, if you want to.

This is where our paths hopefully intersect. Deep within the rabbit hole. The rabbit has led us all to this point. It is our hope that you will not only discover but share your discoveries with us. I encourage you to not merely view stories here but to interact with them, escape the box store mentality, learn from what is shared here, pass it on to others, and contribute your own thoughts as you read about adventures that are here to inspire.

As always, this is a site that is focused on exploration, discovery and sharing the things that make travel wonderful…the quirky things.