A Meal to Remember – Seraser Restaurant in Antalya

We dined at Seraser Restaurant when we were in Antalya, Turkey and the experience couldn’t have been any better. Our server, Ali was attentive and explained each of the four courses to us, made sure that we had plenty of everything we needed and kept just enough distance so that we didn’t feel crowded but could call if we needed anything.

There was light jazz playing and since we were staying upstairs in the beautiful Tuvana Hotel, there was no need to worry about having a glass of wine or two.

My wife noted through the meal that the entire collection of ambiance, colors and decor was like a poem and indeed – there was a harmony between the colors on our plates and the colors throughout. Light music was at the perfect level to enhance the mood without inhibiting conversation.


If I were a better food photographer, I would post my pictures here, but to be honest, the taste and presentation were far better than my talent as a photobug so I’ll keep my photos for myself.

Our meal started with a delicious mussel in a sweet tartar sauce that whet our appetites. After this we had an aubergine souffle made with goat cheese and a secret ingredient that was absolutely perfect! Served with a light pesto and a balsamic sauce – I don’t think this could have been any better than it was. The small rolls (olive, onion, basil, or plain) were fresh from the oven and just right.

Next came a beef carpaccio. This wasn’t just any carpaccio – it was prepared instants before coming from the kitchen with a magnificent truffle oil – I don’t know if the truffle oil was the secret but this carpaccio was so tender that it literally melted in my mouth. The accompanying salad was tasty and seemed fresh from the garden.

We had a  welcome break to let the food digest a bit before the main course – oven roasted grouper fresh from Antalya. Highly recommended for both texture and taste.

Sereser RestaurantFinally, as Ali explained to us, the most important course, the dessert course. We had a Turkish coffee creme brulee that was indeed the perfect ending to a perfect meal. Just the right amount of sweet, the caramelized sugar exactly the right thickness and exactly the right size to send us home feeling perfectly satisfied.

This was a wonderful fine dining experience and is highly recommended.

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