7 Vagobond Posts You Should Read

Katie at Tripbase came up with a great marketing idea that you have probably run into already if you are involved in the travel web.

7 Great Posts about Travel

The idea is that bloggers from all fields and areas take a moment to find seven posts that fit with criteria she chose. It’s a very cool project on both a viral marketing level and on a finding the best of travel level.

At the end, each blogger nominates 5 other bloggers. Nobody nominated me (probably because I’m an asshole) so I wrote to the source and she nominated me. (You see sometimes being an asshole works.)

Still, it hurts a little, you know, I give and give to you and the people under the stairs…(obscure horror movie reference and frankly…I just wanted to be included so don’t worry) and here are my seven posts … at the end I will nominate five other kids that nobody has offered to play with. By the way, all very cool kids with excellent blogs.

1) Your most beautiful post
This has to be the post where everyone had been telling me I was crazy to get engaged to my wife so quickly (2 weeks after we met) and I was trying to defend the decision and convince friends and family that they had no reason to be concerned.

On Falling in Love in Morocco

2) Your most popular post
I would never have expected that this post would get more traffic than any other. It’s a bit of a ramble, but for some reason, a lot of people search the internet for information on Aicha Kandisha, a fairly obscure Djinn in Morocco. I happened to write a bit about her.

The Hermit of Sefrou and Aicha Kandisha

3) Your most controversial post
I didn’t enjoy Serbia a bit. When I wrote about the Skull Tower of Nis and compared it to the Tower of Greyskull from the cartoon He-Man, the Serbians found me and began sending me tons of emails and messages about what an insensitive jerk I am. I already knew that though.

By The Power of Greyskull – Cela Kula – Skull Tower

4) Your most helpful post
Through the years, I’ve written a lot of tips and given quite a bit of travel advice, but on the personal, spiritual, and travelling fronts, I think this is the most helpful post I’ve written.

World Travel for Almost Nothing #6

5) A post whose success surprised you
When I was teaching in Fes, my students shared jokes with me. They often told jokes about a town in Morocco called Berkane. When I posted one of the jokes, I never expected it would get so much attention.

Berkane Jokes

6) A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

One of my great inspirations for the type of travel I do was Harry Franck. I wrote an “Extraordinary Vagabonds” feature about him, but because he lacks the name recognition of others, it is one of the least visited in the series. I wish more people knew about this incredible adventurer.

Harry Franck – Pioneer of the Vagabonds

7) The post that you are most proud of
It’s fitting that this one should come last since it’s probably the hardest one to fill in. I’ve written posts that I am proud of the writing, posts with great photos, and posts that encapsulate important travel philosophy. I suppose, when I capture that philosophy and effectively transmit it, that is what makes me the most proud, so I choose:

How Not to Enjoy World Travel – Part 1

Now, since so many travel bloggers have already been nominated to participate in this, I choose five bloggers that you may not yet know, but that you should. All of these blogs offer great writing and incredible pictures plus a different way of seeing the world.

World Winder
Southern Cone Travel

News Reporter

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