5 Items You Must Have on Your African Safari

funny safari cc image courtesy of Karim Rezk on FlickrYou are about to live the dream: you are heading off on an African safari. You will experience wide open spaces, adventure and the chance to see some amazing animals in the wild. But before you set out on your grand adventure you will need to give a little consideration to what you should take. There is a plethora of advice out there. Travel professionals have years of travel experience and can give you very good tips. Being well prepared will go a long way to ensuring your trip is everything you dreamed it would be.

It is really important to travel light. Having to lug around huge suitcases in the African heat will not be a pleasurable experience. That said, being educated about what you should pack becomes even more important. With limited room you will need to choose wisely.

Your Camera and Extra Batteries and Memory Cards

It might seem impractical to start your ‘must have’ list with a camera, but honestly an African safari will afford you with more amazing photo opportunities than almost any other holiday. Take a good camera and practice using it before you leave. And don’t forget to pack in extra batteries and more memory capacity than you could imagine using in a lifetime. What you are about to encounter is so amazing that you will probably not stop snapping shots. Bring aplenty.

A Lightweight Jacket

You will experience searing hot temperatures during the day, but African nights can be really cold. And if you are on safari in the dry winter months the temperature can drop to freezing. You will often set out in the very early morning and you will need a jacket at this time of day. Choose a jacket that you can roll up and compress down to a small size and bring a little sack to push your compressed jacket into so it doesn’t take up unnecessary space.

A Good Hat

A hat is an absolute must in the blistering sun you will experience. Don’t bring a cap; it will not shade your ears or neck. You need a material hat that can be shoved into a small space in your pack. Also make sure your hat has a chord so that it will not get blown off when you are travelling at high speeds in an open safari vehicle.

Wet Wipes

Take a really generous supply of wet wipes. Safaris are notoriously dust laden. Don’t scrimp on this important item. You will use wet wipes continually; to clean the dust from your face, at a remote toilet stop, as an anti-bacterial hand wash and as a refresher when you feel tired and gritty throughout the day.

Clothes you Don’t Mind Leaving

Many of the areas in which you travel will be very poor, so why not pack some clothes you don’t mind leaving behind for the locals. Giving away some clothing before you go home will allow you room to bring back souvenirs.


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