5 Amazing Things to See in Egypt

I have friends that just got back from Egypt and while they did get tear gassed in Tahir Square, they said that the time to visit Egypt is now because there are so few tourists, the crowds are gone and the prices are just right. So, first lesson, don’t go to Tahir Square – but here are five other things you absolutely must do.

Visit the Pyramids at Giza & the Sphinx

For 4,500 years the pyramids have been drawing visitors and today is no different. More than 2.5 million stones were put in place by slaves and this ancient wonder of the world is the only one of the original 7 wonders of the world that survives.  Get this, each stone weighs a couple of tons and until Pierre Eiffel’s tower went up in Paris, the Great Pyramid was the tallest structure in the world – that’s a long run. While the age of the Sphinx is unknown, Napolean shot off its nose and it has been known to ask a few very difficult questions.




famous sites in EgyptKarnak at Luxur 

Even if you’ve already been to the Luxor in Las Vegas, you should still visit Karnak at Luxor during your holidays in Egypt. The huge columns and massive paths once walked by the Pharoahs priests (maybe even Joseph or Moses) are worthy of any fan of The Ten Commandments (or Charlton Heston in general)






Ramses II Abu SimbalFour Giant Statues of Ramses II at Abu Simbal

If, like Indiana Jones, you want to find the long lost Arc of the Covenant by using an obscure day when the sun shines just right through a statue, this is the place. On April 21 (the birthday of Ramses II – Happy Birthday Dear Ramses II) the sun shines through the temple and illuminates one of the four statues carved into the mountainside.  Here is the thing though, the temple was moved to higher ground when the Aswan Dam was built so you may not find that ancient power source after all – but still worth seeing.



King Tut TombThe Valley of Kings

Not to be confused with the soft porn anthropological romance novel, the Valley of Horses, this magical place is where most of the kings of Egypt were interred. In fact, everyone’s favorite ancient Egyptian, King Tut was found here along with many wonderful things. For a small extra fee, you can see where he did the hokey pokey with all the other mummies and visit his mummified body since it is still there, just bring your holy water.





Bikini Suez CanalThe Magnificent Suez Canal 

While the Israelis are trying to find a way to bypass the Suez Canal with rail, the fact of the matter is that it remains one of the most important waterways in the world. Built in 1869 by a French and British consortium, it made the distance between the Far East and Europe about a billion times shorter and safer. Even if you include pirates.  Of course, canals can be boring, so you may want to spend the majority of your time at gorgeous Red Sea beaches and do some diving as well before the Muslim Brotherhood bans bikinis in Egypt.

I’ve heard that bikinis make the Muslim brothers in the Red Sea area see red – (go ahead and groan)

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