3 Luxury Resorts of Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Guest Post by Marlon Minati
Isa Province in Ilocos NorteOver seven thousand islands dot the sea that surrounds the Philippines.  In fact, the islands are the Philippines. The diversity of each island and location in the Philippines is sometimes completely unique . This makes the country a thrilling place to travel around.

Down south in Cebu, you can see natural landscapes and the many different historical sites. Going further south,  you can see colourful vistas in Mindanao and experience ethnic tribes and minorities up close.

In the North, there are not only historical sites and places, but there is good food and no shortage of nice resorts to stay in.

 Ilocos Norte is a prominent province in the Philippines primarily because of the diversity of sights and experiences which await the tourist. In Vigan’s infamous Calle Crisologo, there is an array of antique Spanish colonial houses with occasional horse-drawn carriages, or kalesa, carrying tourists around. The neighborhood made a quite remarkable initiative to protect the houses thus making it more of a tourist asset and not just a historical site.
Another area filled with  historical locations is Pagudpud. Sitting on the South China Sea and being one of the northernmost towns in Ilocos Norte, these  fishing villages were developed not only to bring fresh fish but also as a destination for beach bums. There are different resorts filling a wide array of beaches in Pagudpud, and more scattered in Ilocos Norte. The following three are our favorites.
 Agua Seda Resort is one of those resorts in Pagudpud. You will find the images on the net attracting, but wait until you see the real thing.  You can expect privacy and great customer service here.

Kingfisher Sand and Sea Surf Resort is adjacent to Kapuluan Vista that have surfing and diving spots for more daring and active tourists.
Pannzian Beach and Mountain Resort. They  have different bars and restaurants, specifically the Lagoon Bar and the Asian restaurant serving, obviously, Asian cuisine but with the focus on Filipino foods. There are more cafes for sophisticated tourists and of course the standard and deluxe rooms. You can also kick back for a moment with soothing music in their piano lounge.

To get to Ilocos Norte, you can take aflight directly to Laoag International Airport, and from Laoag take a bus trip to your destination of choice. You can also go to this route if you’re from other parts of the Philippines and even in Manila. However, you can also take a direct bus route from bus terminals to Ilocos Norte from Sampaloc, Manila.

This includes Maria De Leon and Farinas Trans Buses, the former of which located in Dapitan St. from A. Lacson Ave., and the latter is along A. Lacson Ave. after Dapitan St. Bus transport from Manila takes  eight or more hours, so be sure to find comfortable seats and be prepared for a long trip up north. 

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