27 Quick World Travel Tips

Here are 27 quick tips to make world travel better. What are your quick tips for world travelers?

1) Say hi to other people who are traveling
2) Don’t flash your bling
3) Catch a cab and talk to the driver about cool things to do (Cabbies are almost always multi-lingual)
4) Scan a picture of your passport and give it to someone you trust
5) Get a nice padlock and use it when necessary (It takes two to steal: the thief and the one who left an opportunity)
6) Wear long pants during long transport
7) Look at the mattress…know what bedbugs look like
8) Stay where you get breakfast for free
9) Make sure hot water is included
10) Find paperback exchanges
world travel tips
11) Stay longer and get cheaper room rates
12) Fill out your couchsurfing profile completely
13) Look for free fruit on the trees
14) Look for language exchanges
15) Don’t leave your phone in your room
16) Bring your own condoms
17) Don’t get so drunk you can’t take care of yourself
18) Trust your instincts about people
19) Eat the local food
20) Always ask for a second price
21) Don’t wander around alone late at night
22) Don’t give up your passport
23) Bring your valuables to the shower with you in a hostel
24) Eat lots of cheese if you get diarrhea
25) A handful of nuts makes hunger go away
26) Get a haircut and a shave (or a wax and a style)

This last one is my personal opinion only.

27) Drink the water.

What are your quick tips for world travel?

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6 thoughts on “27 Quick World Travel Tips

  1. Some great tips here. Don’t agree about drinking the water though. I suggest taking a travel sheet just in case. I also suggesting to take the time to know new currencies when you change money.

  2. 22) Don’t give up your passport

    I have been in a few hostels that took my passport for the duration of my stay. Are you saying not to? Do I have the option to say no? Why do they do this?

    Thanks for the quick list!

  3. Technically, if you are an American, it is illegal for you to give up control of your passport unless it is to a government official. In fact though, I suggest that you make a high quality photo copy of your passport and if they demand your passport you tell them you don’t have it, even if it is the police or officials. Tell them your passport is not with you but you can get it if necessary. If they control your passport, they control you. I’ve never had anyone argue when I explained that it is illegal for Americans to give up their passports. When it was necessary for visas or paperwork, it was always a safe bet.

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