25 Travel Sites You Need to Know About

There are literally millions of travel sites out there. With new ones popping up every day and many old favorites disappearing as the web becomes more and more saturated with travel blogs, social travel networks, and travel magazines, article sites, and booking engines.
25 Best Travel Websites

Here 25 of my current favorite sites in no particular order.

1) Room o Rama is a site that lets travelers rent rooms from ordinary people. Like AirBnB it has also been populated by rental agencies and hotels, but if you look, you can find some cool people and deals.
2) – Ditto to the above. Not only can you find rooms or apartments to rent, but also on both sites, you can rent out yours. Commercial couchsurfing.
3) Tired of paying full fares? With cab corner you can find people to share a cab with.
4) I know, it’s gotten a little overpopulated with hustlers and pick up artists, but you can’t change the fact that it’s still the best way to meet cool people in a new city or country.
5) Even though they sold out to the BBC, this is still one of the best places to find travel inspiration. It’s gotten much more commercial in the past few years, but still a favorite.
7) Sure, we all know that hotels and hostels are paying for reviews. Still, you can find a lot of great info here about why you shouldn’t stay in a place. Always worth looking before you book.
8) I remember when these guys started out in Portland, Oregon a few years ago. I met them at a barbecue over beers and never thought they would get this big. Inspiring and great travel content.
9) I have mixed feelings about Gadling but the travel content is usually well written and informative. Sometimes I feel like I’m being talked down to though.
10) Social site dedicated to finding people to travel with. Neat idea.
11) Tripatini Facebook for travelers. I’m just bummed that I only found this after I started to create facebook for travelers. Day late and two dollars short, but this site is great. No doubt.
12) User submitted trips from just about everywhere. Commercial but lots of non commercial stuff too.
13) Traveldudes Yet another Facebook for travelers, but with a great user submitted content section filled with tips, advice, and sometimes some damn good writing.
14) Last minute vacation rental deals. Great if you decide to take a sudden trip to anywhere.
15) Digihitch Digital hitch hiking and ride sharing. Couchsurfing for auto stoppers. Share gas, grass, or ass and yes, sometimes ride for free.
16) Unusual Hotels of the World Just what it says. I can spend hours dreaming here even if I usually can’t afford the coolest of them.
17) I hope I’m done with sleeping in airports, but this site gives you the lowdown on where to crash, how to get comfortable, and which airports are the best.
18) Want to read about where you are? Fiction, fact, fantasy? Just want a good book to read? Go here.
19) The art of traveling with a single bag. It’s not as easy as you think but not even close to impossible.
20) Virtourist The thing I love about this site is the list of the top 250 online newspapers in the world. The rest…ehhh
21) FoXnomad I admit it, this is my favorite travel blog. Anil is a rock star and when I needed to get past the youtube ban in Turkey, he pointed the way.
23) Viator Travel Blog Another big commercial blog but the editors do a great job of finding great writers, great locations, great stories, and great angles on travel.
24) Brave New Traveler I like the kind of new age vibe of BNT that comes without feeling like it’s coming from some burnt out old hippie. Great photos and the content is always superb.
25) IntelligentTravel It is what the name says. Fun, interesting, and not uncool.

There are of course plenty more. I just hope that is on your list. What else is on your list?

What are your favorite travel sites?

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  1. You’re right Lisa. Great site. I may have to make a list of 25 more!!! Lol at the girl who told her boyfriend she cheated too only to find out he had cheated on an exam!

  2. Thank you very much for including me Vago. I’m in good company and it’s an honor to be your favorite.

    Thanks again,

  3. We’re regular visitors to so glad to see it in your list. We’ve just spent the winter with Anil and picked his brains on all things blogging. He’s a lovely guy and deserves to be in your list. :)

  4. I’m a big fan of your blog too Julia. Maybe next time I”m in Turkey we can meet…or if you come to Morocco you are always welcome.

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