12 Stories You Should Have Read on Vagobond in 2012

The Best Travel Stories of 2012Yesterday I shared the 12 most visited stories on in 2012. Today, I’d rather share with you our best travel stories of 2012. These are what I think are  the 12 best stories we published over the past year.  I list them in no particular order.

Syncopated Family Travel – Going Home on Route 66 by Anthony Mathenia

While I love all of Anthony’s columns, this one simply sings. The writing comes through and paints a picture that you can feel in your soul.

Yodeling Vagabonds Biking through Yellowstone by Brian Leibold

When I think of Brian Leibold, the word that comes to mind is clean-souled and healthy.  His tips for travel are innocent and yet you can find so much wisdom in them and when you read his articles, you can sense that he is really writing about the way he feels. His trip through Yellowstone shows that perfectly.

Truckhenge by Linda Kissam

Linda Kissam’s adventures tend towards wine and food but in this particular piece you can feel the genuine attraction she feels for Ron and the lifestyle he has created.

Sri Lanka: The Sweetest Teardrop by Dave Stamboulis

Dave Stamboulis’s pictures speak loudly enough but when he writes there is a fifth dimension that comes into play. I’ve always wanted to go to Sri Lanka but never so badly as when I read this article.

50 Special Vespas and Learning to Make Pasta in Italy by Vago Damitio

This was one of the highlights of my year. The food was divine but what made it truly special was the Chef herself.

Fritz, Glitz, and Spritz in Pottsdam, Germany by Katherine Rodeghier

Katheine Rodeghier’s trips are always informative, but for some reason I felt like her trip to Pottsdam was even better than usual. Maybe it was because before reading it, I couldn’t have told you where Potttsdam was.

Sophia Loren and the Eels of Commachio by Vago Damitio

What goes together better than Sophia Loren and Eels?

The Best Places for Jazz in Paris by Raphael Daverio

This was a guest post by a talented writer who I can’t wait to visit in Paris. Great wine and jazz awaits.

4 Great Musical Acts who Found Inspiration through Travel  by Julie Herd

Another guest post that spoke to me. Who knew I had so much in common with Snoop Dogg?

7 Architectural Wonders of Florence by Vago Damitio

I spent a few days wandering around Florence and saw hundreds of architectural jewels, but these were my favorite seven amongst them all.

Black Robed Kaffir: Adventures in the other Pakistan by Dave Stamboulis

Once again the combination of words and pictures from Dave Stamboulis brought me to a place I’d never been and created a desire to go where there had been none before.

Emergency Dinners in New York City by Sarah Spigelman

Sarah has been a fun addition to our regular contributors in 2012. I hope that we can keep hearing from her in 2013. This article on what to do for emergency dinners in New York City is a great example of why.

And as a bonus…here’s a 13th Story that you can use in 2013

The Vagobond Guide to Istanbul by Vago Damitio

Turkey is up and coming and if you don’t go to Istanbul now, you’ll wish that you had in five years. Make Istanbul your top destination in 2013 and you won’t regret it. This guide should help you see why.

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