12 Most Popular Articles on Vagobond in 2012

eaglehunters12012 was an amazing year for Vagobond. With nearly a half million page views, there were lots of visitors coming back to and discovering Vagobond for the first time.We had some incredible talent sharing travel and adventures with you. Among them Anthony Mathenia with his Syncopated Family Travel, Dave Stamboulis sharing his adventures and photos from exotic locations, Sarah Spiegelman looking at food in New York, Linda Kissam exploring soft adventures and wine travel,plus a whole slew of talented and adventurous guest writers. With all of that, readers had more than 420 stories to choose from in 2012 alone. When you add in stories from previous years – that means there are more than a thousand articles currently live on – As of right now, these were the 12 most popular articles in 2012. I haven’t counted pages, indexes, or the homepage – these are strictly the articles.

Ringing in at #1 is the famous father of all the vagabonds – the ancient Moroccan explorer and anthropologist Ibn Batutta. Born in Tangier, he explored most of the known world in his lifetime and wrote about it in chronicles that will delight you even to this day.

The #2 most visited story on Vagobond this year was my visit to the Penis Park in Samcheok, Southh Korea. This just goes to show the power of the penis on the internet.

#3 Don’t worry, readers were also interested in culture and flocked in droves to my list of 10 things to see in the Louvre. Surprisingly, there wasn’t even a penis on the list.

Vagobond readers were also fascinated by the massive subway system of Seoul, South Korea. This was the #4 most visited article on Vagobond in 2012.

At #5 was one of the most beautiful features we posted in 2012. Dave Stamboulis provided an article that would have been at home in National Geographic with his photo essay and story about the Eagle Hunters of Mongolia. Frankly, I’m surprised this wasn’t at #1.

Readers also came to Vagobond to learn about how to travel and get more from their travels and thus our Vagobond Travel Museum on Couchsurfing was the #6 most visited article on the site in 2012. If you want to learn about couchsurfing, there’s probably no better place to go.

Our travels in Turkey in early 2012 drew a lot of attention and at #7 and #8 were our visit to the Treehouses of Olympos and visiting the sacred fire on the mountain and witnessing the Chimera up close and personal.

#9 must have been popular for it’s comedic value as it went viral for a little while. Goa, where old hippies go to die.. It might be the best title I’ve come up with. The information in the article is pretty good too.

#10 was a photoessay I put together about humanity’s oldest city. Getting there was half the fun. Catalhuyuk blew my mind and a bit of my budget to get there too. Always agree on the price before you get in the taxi – don’t just trust that prices you read online will be right…no matter the source.

People were also interested in the history of travel during 2012 and our #11 article by visits was a historical look at travel during the Renaissance. The whole world is traveling today, so it makes sense that people would want to know about the travel of the past.

Our #12 most visited article in 2012 was my look at 7 Weird Adventures in Kuala Lumpur. It just goes to show that no matter how much you hear travel writers and bloggers say they hate seeing lists – the fact of the matter is that lists are fun. It’s for that reason, we plan to bring you more fun lists in 2012.

Bonus for 2013#13  13 Great Online Travel Resources for 2013

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