Romantic Britain : 4 Valentine’s Getaways for Romance

by Tom McShane

We all know that Valentine’s Day is kind of a big deal – 141 million cards are exchanged worldwide and, in the UK alone, more than £1.3bn is spent each year on cards, gifts, flowers and chocolates. And while romantic preconceptions we all have would conjure up images of fine dining at the top of the Eiffel Tower or gazing into each other’s eyes while slowly making your way down the Venetian waterways in a gondola, there are many equally romantic Britain holidays to be had too.

Perfection needn’t require jetting off hundreds or thousands of miles away and this latest guest post, supplied by touring caravan supplier The Caravan Company, runs through four of the best choices to ensure a successful Valentine’s.

1. Stratford-Upon-Avon: Soak up the culture
Of all the historic towns and cities in Britain that are responsible for the growth of culture, Stratford-Upon-Avon is perhaps the most important of them all. Famous for being the home and birthplace of William Shakespeare, the town has been a hub of British theatre, culture and history ever since – and the variety of unique things to do make it an absolutely perfect location for a Valentine’s getaway.

Romantic Britain

The traditional and historic charm of the town has changed little, with countless shops, restaurants and tea rooms boasting the quintessentially historic British Tudor style. Shakespeare’s birthplace is a fascinating insight for couples interested in history, the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) is a hub of theatrical culture for those dying to check out a show performed on these historic boards, and the town centre is perfect for dining in either classic British restaurants or something a little more international.

2. Cornwall: Explore the Cornish coast
A far cry from the stereotypical British seaside getaway, Cornwall swaps piers, fairground rides and suspiciously difficult arcade games for miles of picturesque coastline, rolling moors and countryside, and quiet beaches.

Cornwall Romance
Cornwall Romance

You can opt for quintessentially British hotels further inland or, for a truly coastal experience, stay right next to Millook Haven Beach – a picturesque piece of Cornish coastline surrounded by imposing cliffs and boasting a remote and solitary luxury beach hut.

The hut is relaxing and features traditional amenities like log burning fires, and is perfect for a private and unforgettable Valentine’s.

3. York: The Romance of UK history
Britain is renowned for being steeped in history, with countless key moments contributing to a rich and varied past, and nowhere is this truer than the city of York. From Roman settlers and Viking invaders through to Tudor era, industrial revolution and the modern day, York’s history is apparent throughout the entire city.

York Romance

Whether it’s taking a humbling walk through the awe-inspiring York Minster to gaze over the city from its top, exploring the tight winding pathways of the medieval streets known as The Shambles or enjoying a romantic meal at the countless independent restaurants that are abundant in the city’s centre, there’s something for everyone.

4. Talacre (Wales): Relax in a luxury Caravan park
Now, bear with us on this one – when you’re looking for romantic getaways, not least luxury ones, then a caravan park isn’t exactly what might first spring to mind, but the Talacre Beach caravan park, situated on the tip of the North Welsh coast, is not like any other site in the UK. The site boasts an absolutely amazing range of luxury facilities, including fixed lodges for sale too, that will make your romantic coastal getaway unforgettable.

Romantic Britain

Relax in the pool, enjoy fine food in the restaurant or unwind in the evening with some drinks in the modern bar or the exclusive over-21s lounge – this trip is bound to change your view on caravanning!

This guest post was written by Tom McShane – UK-based blogger, writing on behalf of The Caravan Company, who are the UK’s largest supplier of touring caravans.

A Guide to Skiing in Germany

If you’re looking for something new in a ski holiday destination, then you would be hard pressed to find anything better than Germany. Previously seen as the poor relation in the winter skiing holiday genre, Germany has managed to retain their friendly and charming qualities whilst creating a variety of different types of resort for all levels of skier, choose from a cosmopolitan resort to a tranquil mountain hideaway. Skiing in Germany is one of life’s joys.

german ski resorts
Germany, with its central European location, possesses easy access for both passenger and scheduled flights. With the increase in ski charters and budget flights to European airports, then arranging a skiing break can’t get any easier.

Most Popular Ski Resorts
The country’s number one ski resort is Garmisch-Partenkirchen, as a former winter Olympic games host, and home of the professionally challenging Kandahar course, it provides dedicated facilities and sports instruction to around 5 million guests each year. Located above the town are the main skiing areas of Kreuzeck, Osterfelder and Hausberg runs. You can reach the town runs quite easily by train, bus or on foot from local hotels, to reach the Zugspitz glasier then you need to take the train, or if you prefer you can use a combination of cable car and bus.

Coming a very close second in the battle for best ski resort is Oberstdorf, this is a very cosmopolitan resort, and has many other attractions to compete with the world renowned ski jumping competition.

Berchtesgaden has beautiful scenery as it lies on the outskirts of Berchtesgaden National Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty. In contrast, you can see Hitler’s “Eagle’s Nest” WW2 mountain refuge which is a popular destination for tourists. With Berchtesgarden being close to Salzburg, it has become the perfect destination for skiing and sightseeing. The ski area of Jenner is located very close to Schönau is the most well-known ski resort in the area.
Schliersee is a popular resort for both summer and winter vacations; the best skiing area available is at the Spitzingsee. There are other, free, winter activities such as walking around the Schliersee, snowshoe trails going up into the hillside, and ice-skating on the lake. The Olympic skier Markus Wasmeier grew up in the Schliersee area, he is famous for winning two golds at the Lillehammer Winter Games.

Specialist Insurance Cover
german skiingIt’s probably best to get specialist ski travel insurance for your holiday. You can still get the usual cover for theft, flight delays and losing your luggage, but you will also need extra cover associated with ski holidays. It’s pretty obvious that skiing will usually have more risks than the usual type of beach vacation, therefore you can also get cover for treatment for fractured bones, which can be a very expensive charge when abroad, or worst case scenario, an on piste emergency rescue. There is also the cost of the equipment, whether you own or hire it, it can be expensive to replace. It may cost a little more but it’s worth it for peace of mind.

Camper Van Road Tripping in Australia – My Vagabond Dream

A friend asked me recently what I’d like to do for my next adventure.  A whole slew of things crossed my mind – a sailing voyage, a big game photo safari, an Antarctic exploration – but none of those quite hit the mark because the truth is – for my next adventure, I want to have my wife and my little girl with me and neither of them are quite ready for those extremes – and then it hit me.

Australia Surf Adventure

I’d like to get a camper van and explore Australia.  The more I thought of it, the more it sounded like the thing to do. So much so, that I started looking at the options.  In truth, at the moment, we don’t have the option of renting an expensive camper or RV or even of airfare when it comes to it – but that didn’t stop me from finding one of the coolest options available – and I’m going to share it with you, because who knows? Maybe you will make it down under before we do.

A little bit of research turned up oneway campervan relocation  – here’s why I love this – you can get a camper van for almost nothing if you drive it to their destination. In some cases they even provide you with gas money! This is so awesome as to be almost unbelievable, but when I checked it out, it’s totally legitimate. Here is a bit from the website:

Rental companies frequently need to move and relocate campervans around the country. This can be due to seasonal changes or because demand for vehicles is greater in different cities due to festivals, sporting occasions or other events. Rather than pay for a driver to relocate a campervan, rental companies offer them to the travelling public at knock down prices producing the perfect win-win outcome.

Could it possibly get any better? Well, I suppose if they paid for my family’s airfare, took us on a big game photo safari, gave us a sailing adventure to the Antarctic, and fed us – that would be better, but that’s a dream and this thing is a reality. Totally off the hook cool.

camper vanIn continuing with my Vagobond dream, I would want to drive from Sydney to Melbourne to visit our friends who live there, we would of course, have to take a surf trip along the Gold Coast and then – if we wanted to get really crazy – we would somehow find a way to get a campervan in Tazmania – I’m told the Tazzies are odd, so we would fit right in.

sailing in australia

Alright, now I’ve got to figure out how to get us to Australia….

What’s your vagabond dream?

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